Despite waking up on the wrong side of the bed (both of us) and feeling stressed out (me), I got to enjoy a few smiles from my little blue eyed angle! 

She likes to stare at the camera and not smile when I get it out, so I have to try and hold it off to the side and get her to look at me to get those smiles, but they are so worth the trouble! 

We both started the day grouchy! I am not sure why! I  just woke up feeling stressed and upset. So I was not my best today. And Lizzie spent the morning crying, I think because of an upset tummy, because once she pooped, and boy do I mean pooped, she was happier, for a while at least. She sat on my lap and ate dinner with us, well rice cereal for her, but she was loving eating with the big kids! It was funny! She is growing so fast it is crazy! 

Here is the wreath I made for our front door for Easter, it was fun.

It looks kind of crazy in pictures, but it is really fun and cute in person. 
It has small glittery Easter eggs clued around it too, they are hard to see. 

And I think I am done with crafts for a few days! Or until after Spring break at least! CAN"T WAIT!!!

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Kayla said...

That wreath turned out so cute! I'm excited for your spring break too. When does it start?