Easter Decor and other craft fun!

We have been staying busy! And fitting in a few fun crafts when we can ;)

Easter Decorations
 I have enjoyed decorating above my fire place for every holiday! 
My picture of Christ and the two marble candle holders from China on the left stay year round.
 An idea from Pinterest, sits on my piano. (I got the candy on sale with a coupon, and had the candle and bowl already, so this cost about $2.00)
 Strung Easter eggs with ribbon, then tied some tulle bows in between!
(Cost about $1.50)
 I used Mason jars, filled with plastic eggs and tied ribbon from the wreath I am making, and tulle and tada! 
(About $.75)
 Eggs on a stick, from the dollar store, and M & M's I got on sale in a vase I had!
Scatter a few plastic eggs and tada!
(Cost about $3.00)
Print out from Pinterest in a frame I already had! 
Wreath I am making for my front door! 
(Ribbon from dollar store- $12; Tulle on sale with coupon- $4; Wreath form with coupon, $6.00; 
mini glitter eggs, not pictured, $2.00 =$24.00)
I will post a picture when I am done!

ALL together it adds up to $31.25!
Not bad!

And here are is a flower plant I picked up for my birthday!

AND last but not least, the wreaths we made for the girls bedroom doors!
I got the idea from Pinterest, and changed it a little to fit our decor and likes! 
 Grace's- to match her animal print wild room! 
(I am almost done with it and will show soon!)
Bekah & Elizabeth's! 
There room is going to be pink and green, with flowers! 

More of Bekah & Lizzie's room
 This is something I made a long time ago in Idaho! 
Lizzie's crib will be under this!
 Flowers I found at Micheal's in the $1 bins, 50% off!
 So they were $1.50 for all 5!!!
Lizzie's Crib set has monkeys on it, and I thought these were SO cute! 
They were in the $1-3 dollar bins in Target! Each was $2.50, so they were $7.50!

I keep finding way cute fun things for my house on sale!!! LOVE IT! 
And I am finding lots of ideas from pinterest! 

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