It's a farm life!

We have been lucky to get to spend some time at my families! 
They have horses, chicken for eggs, turkey's, chickens for meat, and pigs! 
Not to mention a few dogs and cats! 
SOOOO my girls are in animal heaven! 

 Grace is has got to ride almost every time we come home, and is learning fast! 

 She is a natural! 

 Bekah is starting to learn all the basic's! And enjoying every moment! 
 Lizzie's first time!!! She loved it! (She just sat on the horse, didn't actually move anywhere!)
 Helping collect those eggs! 
 On the way to take pictures for daddy! 
 Turkey's and chickens for meat!
And the pigs! 
Appaertnly the pink ones this year are not as nice as the black ones from last year, but they taste the same ;)

I am so glad my kids get to have these experiences like I did when I was little! I have been really missing all this! Even the yucky smells! 

Circus and Museum?!?!

What do they have in common???
We have been having fun! 

We got to go to a small Circus that was in town. The girls enjoyed it most! 
 The girls are the 2nd and 3rd riders, and Uncle Mike and Mason are the last 2! 
 If there is face painting, my girls HAVE to have it! (or so they think!) 
Aren't they cute butterflies!?
 Jacob enjoying some cotton candy! 
 The group, Kayla, Jake, Bekah, Gracie, Me and Lizzie Zoe- 
taking the picture was Grandma Marie, and Mike and Mason are running around somewhere! 
 The girls each picked something to have picture with, Bekah choose the preforming dogs! 
She is so cute! 
 Gracie choose to hold the snake- mainly cause she thought daddy would think it was cool! 
She said it was heavy, but not scary! 
 Lizzie Zoe with Grandma! It was a cool breezy day out, but it was still fun!

SO, the local Museum had the King Tut exhibit. It was really cool.
(((No flash aloud, so they are a little blurry sometimes, sorry!)))
 Me and my cute kids! 
 the girl by King Tut's mummy!!! (Well a replica, but very real looking.)
 Grandma Marie and Gracie...
 Gracie... (I loved the old golden chariot, since my dad use to chariot race!!!)
 On the wooden horse in the kid zone...

I love that when we go see things like this, my kids don't just want to look and go, they want to know what EVERYTHING is! So, it always takes us a while to go through but it is so worth it. We learn so much! They are such good, smart kids! And I guess since both Dustin and I love history, they have already learned to! 

 And of course we have to see cute Lizzie Zoe! She is growing so fast! 
'I'm trying...'
 She has gotten really close to crawling! She gets up there, and then flops down, but she has gotten up there!!! Any day know she will take off! She can scoot backwards and turn around on her tummy, and she rolls everywhere too. She is also sitting SO good! (More picture of that soon!)

And I am still behind! So stay tuned! 

Happy 15 years!!!

Yes, you read right! Dustin and I have been married for 15 years!!! (& 2 days, I am a little late!) 
June 19th we celebrated 15 years of marriage! 
And they have been great years! Full of fun, adventure, joy, love and sheer happiness! 
We have moved 11 times, lived in 6 states (2 of them twice). 
We have been blessed with 1 amazing son, who is just like his dad! Full of fun, laughter, and ALL boy! And with 3 beautiful daughters who are each smart, sweet and so fun! 
We have survived 2 deployments and are enduring our third right now. 
We have been blessed to make amazing friends everywhere we have lived! 
We have had our ups and downs, but through it all we have grown so close. 
He truly is my best friend. My world. I love him so much it hurt sometimes. 
I can not imagine what my life would be like without him! 
I look forward to the next 15+ years! 
Happy Anniversary baby! 

March 2012
 Dec. 2011
 Oct. 2010
 Feb. 2012
Oct. 2010

I don't have any of our first years digital! We are too old! 

A hiking we will go...

We all love a good hike. this time we went on one that Colby, Dustin's baby brother had found. It is awesome! One we will be doing again! And hopefully on motorbikes next summer too!!!

 Cute Bekah crossing the little bridge at the bottom
 Mommy and Lizzie  enjoying the perfect day for a hike! 
 Beautiful Idaho, oh how I have missed thee
 SO cute! See her two teeth!!! She is such a doll! And LOVES being outside! 
Hiking was so fun to her! (Although I would love it even more if I was carried the whole way too ;)
 Say cheese everyone! 
Through the trees....
And along the side of an open hill... 
 Uncle Colby took over the last quarter of the the hike, Mommy, (me), was worn out! 
 Jake carrying an extra pack so Colby could carry the baby.
 We wore her out!
 (Imagine how the rest of us, who actually walked and are out of shape felt!)
 Time for a family BBQ on the river! 
 Look at that CUTE face!!! She cracks me up! I just love her to pieces!!! 
What a beautiful night! Love this place! Nothing like Idaho beauty! 

I am still behind, but slowly catching up. 

Idaho Fun begins...

We have been having lots of fun here in Idaho with family! 

 Cute cousin Mason! 
 Jake doing tricks on the trampoline
 Elizabeth Zoe with her Great Grandma Zoe!
 Lizzie Zoe sitting so big at 7 months! 
 All the grandkids on the swing set. 
 Lizzie Zoe thinks her sisters are the funniest ever! 
 Jumping on the trampoline
Lizzie and mommy swinging! 
 Taking a break on our hike up Cress Creek
 Picture op! 
 Mommy and Lizzie taking a break
 Lizzie Zoe lookin' cute!
 Photo Op! 
(((My kids are to cute!)))
 mason throwing rocks in the creek, his favorite part! 
 Walkin' with Grandma!
 Photo Op with my cute girls!
 What a view, from the top of the trail.
 Havin' a picnic
 Jake lovin' the view
 A very cute, very tired Mas! 
 Pool time! If only that water would warm up!!! Oh well, we splashed away! 
 Lizzie playing with Grandma
Lizzie Zoe, such a big girl standing by the couch with Grandma's help!

Okay, I will stop for now! I have lots more to share tho!!!