When will it end!?!?!?!

We are sick, again! Dustin has a horrible cough and feels crappy. I think he is going to the doctor, that's how bad it is! He NEVER goes to the doctor or misses work! Poor Bekah has a nasty cough she just can't kick. I am starting to get everything again! Does it ever end!?!?! I am so sick of being sick! There is way to much to do!

I am over our church play group, which is having a Halloween party on Wednesday, I am in in charge of! I am trying to get everything ready for Cub Scouts for the next few months. (For those of you who don't know, our ward hasn't had enough boys to have a Cub Scout program, until now. And so Dustin is Cub Master, and I am Den leader, and we are the whole pack staff! Crazy!!!) AND I am now the Young Women's Camp Director for our ward! Which is going to be sooo fun! But I am learning and working on that too! (They do it so different here due to the location and weather.)

And Since I have had a sick baby girl, and felt crappy too, my house is in shambles! I had it spotless 2 days ago, I swear! Not that you can tell now! So I have to clean like crazy! When all I want to do is curl up in bed and sleep!!! BUT the kids are off from school today so I am determined to get the house done and take them to the local 'pumpkin patch' to get pumpkins and have some fun! (We are not really ready for Halloween yet!) Hopefully I will have pictures to post soon!

So off I go...

New Bow, What do you think???

So I tried a new bow, what do you think??? It is kinda hard to see all the layers!

Sugar & Spice Bows by Elly

Here are some of the bows I have been making! I found a new type that I really like. And of course I still do ones like I have been doing! Here are a few!

Fun times

We have been busy lately! Here are some photos of all out fun! Dustin & Bekah watching Jake's football game.
Jake playing. He is the one head down in front of the red 33 kid on the left.
(Do you see the mugginess??? It is crazy humid!)

Jake watching defence play.
I discovered it is a lot easier to take pictures of Gracie cheering than Jake playing, thus I have way more of Grace.

Grace is the one on the pyramid. She loves it!

Grace doing a jump

Grace kicking in cheer fashion

Head stand



For play group we went on a little nature walk, and saw some cute critters

turtle in the water

The kids looking at a not so cute spider, that sucker was huge!

Our friends
So as you can see we have been having fun inbetween school, being sick, and all the work of life! We are enjoying life together.

Timely Fashion by Elly

Yes, that is me! My business name for my watches. Here are a few of the watch bands that I have made. (There are to many to show them all) And I am making more daily. I will post pictures of some of my bows soon. I have a new favorite style of bow!

Teal & Brown
Light blue & Clear
Pink & clear
Black Zebra
Black mix
Red & Black
Light rainbow 1
Sea Shells 1

I have every color bead and can do any combo. Every watch is custom made, no two are the same.