When will it end!?!?!?!

We are sick, again! Dustin has a horrible cough and feels crappy. I think he is going to the doctor, that's how bad it is! He NEVER goes to the doctor or misses work! Poor Bekah has a nasty cough she just can't kick. I am starting to get everything again! Does it ever end!?!?! I am so sick of being sick! There is way to much to do!

I am over our church play group, which is having a Halloween party on Wednesday, I am in in charge of! I am trying to get everything ready for Cub Scouts for the next few months. (For those of you who don't know, our ward hasn't had enough boys to have a Cub Scout program, until now. And so Dustin is Cub Master, and I am Den leader, and we are the whole pack staff! Crazy!!!) AND I am now the Young Women's Camp Director for our ward! Which is going to be sooo fun! But I am learning and working on that too! (They do it so different here due to the location and weather.)

And Since I have had a sick baby girl, and felt crappy too, my house is in shambles! I had it spotless 2 days ago, I swear! Not that you can tell now! So I have to clean like crazy! When all I want to do is curl up in bed and sleep!!! BUT the kids are off from school today so I am determined to get the house done and take them to the local 'pumpkin patch' to get pumpkins and have some fun! (We are not really ready for Halloween yet!) Hopefully I will have pictures to post soon!

So off I go...

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Danielle said...

Good luck on your busy day and I hope you guys get to feeling better soon. We passed some cruddy stuff back and forth for about 3 weeks. not fun. Hey I am the YW Camp Director for our ward too :o)