In Love!!!

Just finished this project after over a year of planning and wishing! 
I got this old window, with a few pains missing for free from a friend before we moved! I LOVE the old thing. After convincing my husband I HAD to keep it and it HAD to be moved with us cause I knew what I wanted to do with, PROMISE!!! 
I finally found a vinyl lady that was super easy to work with and SO nice, Good Golly Graphics is awesome! (You can find her on facebook! I have a lot of links to her FB page.)
SO I washed, and sanded and got to work!!!

(I don't have progress pictures, sorry!)

After I got it all washed, sanded and cleaned up, I added, get this, picture frame glass to replace the 3 broken pains! I know! It is actually a perfect 10x 12 size, that they sell at Lowe's for like $2 each!  No cutting required! (They do cut for like 10 cents a cut and have bigger pieces.) Awesome! 

 Then I decided on Vinyl, I wanted the middle top to say something like Family is Forever, but due to the way I wanted it, it wouldn't fit, so my awesome vinyl lady helped me come up with this! 
Which I must say I love! 

Then I used clear scrapbook corner mounts to hold the pictures, so that way I can change them out as I wish, and lets face it, I am ALWAYS taking new pictures of my kids! Bonus, or downfall, not sure which, to being a photographer!  In fact I just took some new ones of Lizzie, (see past post, and need to take new ones of my older kids! Back to school and all!)

Then I put nail brackets on the back, nails in the wall, and ta da! I LOVE it! I think I will add a ribbon to the top, that looks like it is holding it up, but I can't tell you how much I love this!!!
It makes me smile every time I come down stairs or enter my house! Love it! 
One day soon, it will have a family picture in the bottom middle, but for know one of all my kids is great! (I kinda need my guy home to do a family one!)

Total spent: $15
(Window free, glass $6, nail mounts $2, had corner mounts for pictures, $7 for prints from my prof. printing house, cute kids, mine!)

9 months old!

Okay, so she is almost 10 months now, but I took these closer to 9 months! 
And she just keeps getting cuter and cuter!!!

 This one melts my heart every time! 

I love these blue eyes! 

Could she get any cuter?! I think not! 
We are so blessed by this sweet, fun, happy little blue eyed angle! 
She is standing and walking along things, she is into everything, all the time! 
She NEVER sits still! In fact she moves so much she burns off everything she eats and isn't growing very fast! But she is strong! We love our tinny might!