Trier- One of the oldest towns in Germany!

We spent a day of Spring Break exploring Trier, Germany! It is a beautiful old city It is said to be the oldest city in Germany and is full of Roman structures and history! 

We entered old town by the famous Porta Nigra (Black Gate). 

walking under the gate

Inside the court yard was a beautiful tree! 

City view after the gate.

One of the many fountains in the city

First view of St. Peter's Cathedral (Dom) Church. 
Said to be the oldest Christian Church in Germany.

Organ inside the Dom

The inside was breathtaking! 

Taking a break near the Dom

Palace gardens

Palace front

Chasing birds

Walking along the old wall to go see the Roman Baths

Roman Baths!!!

The girls and I loved exploring the Bath structures and 
seeing how the royal use to enjoy a day at the Bath "Spa"

We really enjoyed seeing the old city! It was beautiful!