Baby Mason

Meet our new nephew, Mason Michael Fry.
Born 9/20/2010
7lbs 15ozs, 21 inches
Proud parents Michael & Kayla Fry

Mason is having a hard time right now and needs every ones prayers.
So please keep him and his mom, Kayla in your thoughts and prayers.

Hello Sunshine!

We have been so busy, as life often gets, that I for one, forget to look for the Sunshine. To look for Heavenly Father's hand in my life. This morning as I put in a CD I had misplaced for a few months, (I found while cleaning my entry way closet), one of my favorite songs came on, Hello Sunshine.(There are so many songs on this CD that feel like they are for me, from me to my Lord.) This is a CD I got at Time Out for Women last March, Mercy River, a great three women LDS group. They where at Time Out and sung many of their songs as well as talked about life and why they had written many of the songs. As I listen to this CD I remember that time, and how touched I was by strong the Spirit felt that day. And that Spirit has come rushing back to my heart. It has made me think of all that I am blessed with. Even though our family seems to be having a hard time right now, we are so blessed! To look for the Sunshine. Which is something I really needed to be reminded of at this time. I know that Heavenly Father is always there, like the sunshine, even when it may be hidden under clouds!

So my thought today, my heart today, welcomes the sunshine into my life. I hope you will all do the same.


Your Party Central!!!

A wonderful group of ladies here in my area who all have either Small Businesses or Home Party Businesses have made a group to help each other out, and put our information into more hands easier. We have a NEW BLOG!!! so check it out! AND tell all your friends!!! Don't forget to become a follower!  OR see the button on the right side on my blog!

We even have a facebook group! (Your Party Central). So become a member, I already sent the invites out to almost everyone, and invite others! We are going to have special offers to our facebook and blog followers ONLY from our many different businesses! There truly is something for everyone!!! And you won't want to miss out!
Plus we will have different events happening!!! SO join the fun, it is just beginning!

If you have a small or home party business not represented and you would like to become a member of our group, let me know fast! (We only want one per business type).

Family Pictures!

So being a photographer has its benefits! Like getting to have your family pictures taken for free by your partner! And then getting to edit them the way you like, and print them at a low cost!!! Oh yeah! So Checkout a few of our latest pictures!

Dustin & I


And that is my family!

I have been pondering things, and this is what I have learned…

-We all have times in our life where we wish we could run away, with or without loved ones. (Some of us get to every 2-3 years, it’s called a military move!)

-We all have good days and bad days.

-Sometimes we truly love life

-Good friends can make all the difference

-There is a reason we move away from our parents & siblings, at least for a little while

-We all must say no sometimes, and it is okay! (I know it can be so hard!)

-We do need others

-It is okay to let others help you

-We should all have some kind of hobby

-A get away once in a while is a good thing

-Things/Life could always be worse

-A smile can make your day better

-Heavenly Father is always there

-There is no place like home, so make it wonderful!
Like these flowers I have found over time, it may seem like we are all alone, struggling to survive, to find the sun, thinking we are in the wrong place, but as we get there, it is beautiful and was so worth the fight. I often think of these flowers, and how beautiful they turned out. Growing in crazy places, which made them so much stronger. I hope I turn out the same. As many of my friends and family have.

The following is our version of Be Not Afraid

I do know that through all the struggles we may have, Heavenly Father is waiting for us to ask for his help, he is already there reaching for our hand!

Open House

I will be doing this open house with T & E Photography, Timely Fashion by elly, and Sugar & Spice Bows by elly, along with some other great home business ladies! Come if you live close by! Everyone else will be missed!

Open to the public!! Open house with representatives from several businesses. Representatives will have various door prizes, gifts, and products to try. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

WHERE: North Light Yacht Club (Pool area) 113 John Sims Pkwy West, Niceville

WHEN: Saturday, October 2 1p.m.-5p.m.

WHO: Bring your family, bring your friends, bring your neighbors. Everyone is sure to find something that they can’t live without!

Adding another Hero

And we now have another friend to add to the EOD wall. He too will be missed.
(See below)

Thankful to my Hero

A fellow EOD tech and friend of my wonderful husbands, dies 2 days ago in an IED explosion in Afghanistan. This was his second deployment in the last 2 years. He deployed with Dustin in 2008, during which his youngest child was born. Yes, he left a young family, 3 children under 5 the youngest under 2. He was a good solider and EOD tech.

We hear about these soldiers being killed all the time, but to have a friend, a solider doing the exact same as Dustin, he worked with Dustin on their last deployment, to have him killed by an IED (hand made bomb), it hits a little to close to home.

I am so thankful to all the soldiers who give their time, their lives, for us to live the way we do. I am thankful to the wives who love and support them, who take care of everything at home so they can focus on staying alive and saving others. I am thankful to the children, who miss time with their dads & moms, who cheer them from afar, who love them, understanding they are loved in return, from afar. I am thankful to the parents who support their soldiers, and their families, knowing they may lose that child to war, a war that not everyone supports. I am thankful to MY HUSBAND, who is an amazing solider. He works round the clock a lot of the time, to serve our country, a country of people who don't all support him and his comrades. I am thankful to him for the love and support he gives me and our children, from home or afar. He is an amazing father and husband. HE IS MY HERO. He and other soldiers go overseas to places where they are not wanted, to help people who can't show how thankful they are, to save the lives of unnumbered people, so that we, in America can live the way we want to live.

THANK YOU to all our HERO'S. You and your families will forever be in our prayers.

This is the EOD Memorial wall for the fallen Army EOD tech's,
his friend will soon join others we have known on this wall.