I have been pondering things, and this is what I have learned…

-We all have times in our life where we wish we could run away, with or without loved ones. (Some of us get to every 2-3 years, it’s called a military move!)

-We all have good days and bad days.

-Sometimes we truly love life

-Good friends can make all the difference

-There is a reason we move away from our parents & siblings, at least for a little while

-We all must say no sometimes, and it is okay! (I know it can be so hard!)

-We do need others

-It is okay to let others help you

-We should all have some kind of hobby

-A get away once in a while is a good thing

-Things/Life could always be worse

-A smile can make your day better

-Heavenly Father is always there

-There is no place like home, so make it wonderful!
Like these flowers I have found over time, it may seem like we are all alone, struggling to survive, to find the sun, thinking we are in the wrong place, but as we get there, it is beautiful and was so worth the fight. I often think of these flowers, and how beautiful they turned out. Growing in crazy places, which made them so much stronger. I hope I turn out the same. As many of my friends and family have.

The following is our version of Be Not Afraid

I do know that through all the struggles we may have, Heavenly Father is waiting for us to ask for his help, he is already there reaching for our hand!

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Katie said...

that was sweet. thanks for sharing.