Happy Birthday Elizabeth Zoe!!!

My sweet sweet baby girl is one today! Elizabeth Zoe has brought so much love, laughs, and happiness to our family! She is smart, figures things out so fast! Sweet, gives wonderful hugs and open mouth kisses that leave you all wet! And just makes you smile! She is so beautiful with her big blue eyes! She is now walking everywhere, she won't crawl anymore, throws fits like a big kid, says a few words, my favorite is mama, she climbs the stairs, and loves her sisters and brother! She is always into everything, anywhere!!! And she truly makes my heart sing! I love my sweet baby girl! Happy Birthday Lizzie Zoe!!!

Man I love this cute cute girl!!!
(I know I am behind on things I am thankful for, and I will do that later!)

November Thanks!

Continuing with a month of thanks!
Nov. 8th - I am thankful for phones, and Internet! I keep to hear my guys voice, email, message him and know he is safe and healthy! Wasn't that easy long time ago!
Nov. 9th - Today I am thankful for this amazing boy! I am so blessed to have such a great son! He is so much help, a great brother and can make me smile and laugh like no one else, save his dad! I really lucked out with him!

Nov. 10th- Today I am thankful for sleep! Lizzie slept all night in her bed only waking up once!!! And she went to bed early so I got to soak in the tub and go to bed early!! Yea, I feel great this morning!
Nov. 11th- Today I am thankful for my house. It may only be for a little while, but for now it is our home. Having room to play, have company, and be a family is a special thing. I am thankful for a warm home on cold nights and days, I am thankful for carpet to vacuum, a kitchen to clean and a closet to organize!
A few other thoughts! And news!

Man to I love my kids! Everyone always wonders how I do it without Dustin with 4 kids, but I don't know how I would do it without my kids! Dustin and my kids are my world, I would be lost without them, and it I have to be apart from my love, then I need my kids to survive! Sometimes it makes me laugh when someone goes on and on about how hard it is with their spouse gone for a whole week, or even a month, how hard it is, how they haven't gotten anything done or got a good nights sleep, or are so stressed they want to go away for few nights when their spouse gets home. REALLY?!? LOL I know we are all made different and each have our own challenges, but I just want to tell them to buck up, they have no idea! I don't, I am nice and I offer encouragement and all that, but really, not what I want to say. (Sorry if you are readying this and are one of those people, don't mean to hurt feelings or offend.)
Okay, no more rant!
On a happier note, Lizzie Zoe is walking like crazy! She just keeps trying, she may fall, but up she gets and goes some more! I got a great video of her walking across the living room on my phone, but it was to long and my phone won't let me email it or anything! One day I will figure it out, but for now I took a shorted one to share, really short, just imagine her walking 3 times as far!
Not sure why it is sideways either! One day I will have this technology figured out, promise!
I am busy planning Lizzie's Birthday party next week!
And Bekah just looked out the window and it is SNOWING!!! About time!
And that is all! Until next time!!!

Giving Thanks!

November 4 - I am Thankful for this little sweet baby girl who has added so much to our family! She is so full of spunk, love and smiles! She melts my heart everyday!
Nov. 5th- Today I am thankful for crockpots! I know, crazy, but life has been so busy this is all I have had time to cook with! And we can still eat healthy if I do! Not take out! So yes, I am thankful for my crockpots!
Nov. 6th- Today as I am getting ready to vote I am thankful I can. I am thankful for all the rights and freedoms I have living in this country. And I am VERY grateful for all past and present who serve our country, fight for our country and our rights. I have many hero's in my family who served for my rights- my dad, grandfathers, uncles, and my amazing husband! I am thankful for all they have done for our country. (Vote and make there service mean something!)

Nov. 7th- I am thankful today for hot cocoa and a fireplace, as I am woken up at 4am, it is nice to have some comfort!
And up to date!
I have been working on finishing my Christmas and Birthday projects and I don't think I will have it all done by Thanksgiving, but close! I will still need to order a few things and do some shopping on the 1st and 15th of Dec. But I will have most of it done by Thanksgiving! And I am also cleaning out things and getting ready for company and Dustin coming home!!! SO exciting!!! We can hardly wait!
First on the agenda is getting ready for Lizzie's 1st Birthday!!! I think it will be a small party, but fun cause of this cute little girl!!!


Halloween and Giving thanks!

I am a little behind and have lots to share!
I will start with Halloween!
I had three cute ghosts this year, Jake didn't dress up, apparently at 11 he is getting to old, he did go trick r treating a little at the end of the evening. But I have no pictures.

 All ready to go!
 Lets go!!!
I have no idea how I didn't end up with any pictures of ALL of the girls together, but I didn't! I was not one the ball this year! It was a crazy busy day!
November 1st brought lots of exciting new to our family!!!
Their is a tie for the biggest, st least on my end!
1 MONTH LEFT!!! Yes! Only one month until Dustin gets home, give or take a few days!!!
To say we are a LITTLE excited would be an understatement!!!
We got to go help make some welcome home posters yesterday! It really is coming!!!
Second big news, just as important, is that on November 1st Dustin got promoted!
We knew it was coming, just not sure when it would be official!
So Nov. 1st Dustin was promoted to Master Sergeant! (Same rank as First Sergent, the difference is that a First Sergent is over a unit, and a Master Sergent is not, just works kinda in an office. He will be a First Sergent after he gets home since they plan on moving him over a unit.)
He has worked hard and climbed the ladder faster than most. I am very proud of him and all he has accomplished!
Now, I am up to November and giving thanks!
Nov 1- I am thankful for amazing friends who have helped and influenced my life so much!
Nov. 2- I am thankful for my amazing husband!!! He is SO great to me and and amazing father! He is my best friend and other half! I would be lost without him! No one can make me smile like him, lift me when I am down like him, understand me like him, or love me like him! I am SO thankful I found the love of my life!
Nov 3- I am thankful for all that my amazing husband has provided for our family! He works so hard to provide for us so I don't need to and can stay home with our kids! We are very blessed!
Last night I got to go out shopping with a friend, with no kids! It was so fun! I was able to look and try on clothes without worrying about little hands, find a beautiful dress for the wedding, some cute tops, and several Christmas and Birthday presents. It was a fun night out! At the end of the evening as I was sitting down relaxing getting ready for bed, it hit me how lucky I truly am. We have a beautiful home, a new van, my kids have or get everything they could want- within reason, and we are able to pay bills, have the kids do gymnastics and sports and other programs and live comfortably. We are able to do, have and give so much. Which is all anyone really needs. Sometimes I forget this, and I want more, I want to be able to be out of debt and have extra money to play with, when really I have all I need and truly want.
So once again I am up to date! Hopefully I will be able to stay caught up!
Oh, and I have been working on Christmas and Birthday stuff like crazy and am almost done! My goal was to be done by Thanksgiving, and I am close! I am still making several projects and gifts, but I am close and since I have been getting everything to make it all on sale and with coupons it hasn't cost me a fortune! And I have some fun things! Plus I am working on the girls birthday party stuff to! I will post pictures soon!