As I have been watching others this past couple weeks I noticed a few things.

One- Some of parents take simple things way to seriously.
Example: At a Fun run to raise money for the school, one of the fourth grade girls, now she is a beautiful girl, who at Mile Club, (for PE once a week they run around the track earning tokens for every five miles they run, parents are invited to join in.) anyway, at Mile Club she runs hard the whole time, with her father who comes and kind of keeps her going. Now as she is running for this Fun Run her dad is on the side lines telling her to 'run harder', 'get going', taking it way to seriously! It is a FUN run! I am sure he wants her to succeed, but she is 9!
Another Example: At football some of the parents freak out when their sons don't do everything perfect, or come in first every time. And I mean FREAK out! One mom in the stands yells, and I mean loud, at her son through the whole game, they are 9 and 10 year olds, just learning the game.
LET THE KIDS BE KIDS A LITTLE LONGER!!! We pressure our kids way to much. They need time to learn and grow. Yes they need to work hard do there best, but they also need to have some fun!

Two- I have amazing kids! I really love them each so much.
As I watched Jake do this fun run at the school I noticed that he ran the entire hour, and didn't slow down or stop at all, he is so determined and when he decides to do something, he goes all the way. I also noticed that he is a leader without trying. As he did his thing running he had a friend who would search him out every time they got separated. He went out of his to stick to Jake. He is such an amazing boy, with so much potential, in so many different ways! He amazes me! I am so glad he is my son!

As I watched Grace doing the same fun run I saw how she was determined to do all the laps, and she did them and more. She is normally with her friends having fun, but when it came to this, she went on her own to do her very best! Running isn't her favorite thing, like her mom! But she did her best, and went above and beyond doing it. She is going to succeed at anything she decides to do. She is a smart, beautiful girl. I am so grateful to have her in my life!

My sweet, sweet Bekah!!! Oh she is such a joy! So full of fun, attitude, and personality it is coming out her toes, as grandma would say! She is so much fun! I can't imagine our family without her! She is always making me laugh and think about everything a little differently. She is a little wonder, whom we could not live without!

Three- I am very blessed to have the in-laws I have! I am lucky that I not only love them, but I really like them! I enjoy spending time with them. And the rest of my husbands family! I have often heard from others how they can't stand to be around their in-laws much. And heard it again this past week. It made me really think about mine, and how blessed I am! They really are the best!

Life has its ups and downs, like it or not!

So for normal, chemically balanced people, life has lots of ups and a few downs, but they don't get to low and you can climb out. Well, in my world, they get so low you couldn't find them with a shovel, and forget trying to climb out, you just have to ride it out, hoping you can crawl out after a few days!

I am not saying my life is any harder, or that I have it worse than anyone, I just have my own challenges. Ones many people never understand. I don't understand it half the time! And I have lots of friends who want to be able to fix everything. It just can't be done. There is nothing any of my amazing friends can do, but wait it out with me. There is nothing to be fixed and make it go away.

As I am just coming out of one of these such weeks, I am so thankful for all my family and friends who do stick around through it all. I have been blessed with an amazing husband who understands and lets me work it out, while loving me and helping when he can.

I am also so thankful to have the Lord on my side. He is the only one who can really help me through these challenges. After the fact it is easy to look back and see where I started to slip, and if I was doing what I was suppose to be doing: prayer, scripture study, charity; I could have avoided this past week.

So, I am getting back on track, and I hope that my ups stay longer, my downs keep nice and short, and that I remember the Lord in everyday of my life. I hope you can do the same! Funny thing, hope. One of my favorite quotes says, "Hope is a creation, not a gift." So may we each make our own hope for the month!