New Years Eve Party & Day!

We headed back to Rigby for a New Year's Eve party with the Rolfe's

 Grandma & Bekah being silly

 Yes, I am still awake, barely!

 We had lots of yummy food, played a few games, watched a movie... and we all made it, except for Lizzie Zoe that is! (I am not sure how I didn't get any pictures of Mike, Kayla & Mason...)
Welcome 2013!!!

We got to go on a private sleigh ride on New Years Day with almost all the Rolfe's!
 Lizzie Zoe loved the horses and being outside. at least for a little while, till she got to cold!

 Everyone on the sleigh!
 It was a beautiful day!
 All bundled up!

We had a great time! It was a beautiful, cold day! And made a nice start to the New Year!

Christmas in Boise!

After the wedding fun was over, we took off to Boise to see my family.
We stayed in a hotel with a nice pool, and no one else was ever in the pool when we went, it was so nice! 

 In between swimming we spent time with my family, opening presents and eating...
 Lizzie got a puppy that barks and jumps around, she loved it!
 Swimming with Cousin Sara

 Grandpa & Grandma Wagner came swimming with us a few times!

After swimming I wanted hot cocoa and dessert, everyone else wanted ice cream! 
So, we went and had ice cream, and food, while freezing!
 Lizzie LOVED the fry sauce!
 And the ice cream, Daddy dripped some on her head tho!

We had a great visit, although short. 
It was great spending time with everyone!

Wedding Time!

One of the reasons we went to Idaho for Christmas was to be there for Dustin's baby brother's wedding! And it was beautiful! 
We are SOOOO happy for Colby & Melissa! 
 Aren't they cute! Love them!

 All the family that got to be there at the temple!
 The wedding party! 
(I got to be the sub- photographer! It was fun! I also made the flowers for the wedding/party!)
 My cute family!!!
 My boy!
 Father and son! Good lookin' guys!
 My beautiful Grace!
 My precious Lizzie Zoe!
 My cute family enjoying the reception while I take pictures!
 A BIG donut for a little girl!
 Sweet Bekah!
 This is a picture with Dustin's all time favorite teacher, and one of the namesakes for Grace, 
Grace Taylor! We were all excited to see her!
The 4 sisters! I LOVE these ladies! 
They are so wonderful and I am so blessed to have them for sisters! 
Even though I am the shortest one... oh well! LOL

The wedding was beautiful and I am so glad we all got to be there for it!


I am talking months! Sorry! I have been so busy with Dustin and the kids that I haven't even thought about blogging! Which is horrible since this is kinda my family journal! SO I am back to playing catch up! 

So I will be hopefully posting a lot in the next few days! Since I am sick at the moment, that is possible! (I have some yucky stomach bug, again...)

So here is CHRISTMAS 2012!!!

Cute Christmas Clothes!
 Sweet Lizzie Zoe
 Beautiful Bekah!
 Sweet sisters!
 Beautiful Gracie!
 My cute kids! (Lizzie wouldn't cooperate!)
 My wonderful Family!
 The girls loved having snow to build a snowman!
 We girls all had penguin pj's this year! Love my girls!
 Lizzie wanted her picture taken, but the flash was bright!
 Christmas Morning! Look what my girly girl got in her sock!
 Opening her 'santa' present!

 Opening presents!

Jake 'modeling' his new hoodie from Grandpa & Grandma Wagner, he is a goof ball!

We had a great Christmas in Idaho with everyone! 
It was nice having all Dustin's family together for the holidays! 
This was our hardest year away from home tho! It is getting to hard to travel for Christmas with the kids getting so big! But we had a blast!