I am talking months! Sorry! I have been so busy with Dustin and the kids that I haven't even thought about blogging! Which is horrible since this is kinda my family journal! SO I am back to playing catch up! 

So I will be hopefully posting a lot in the next few days! Since I am sick at the moment, that is possible! (I have some yucky stomach bug, again...)

So here is CHRISTMAS 2012!!!

Cute Christmas Clothes!
 Sweet Lizzie Zoe
 Beautiful Bekah!
 Sweet sisters!
 Beautiful Gracie!
 My cute kids! (Lizzie wouldn't cooperate!)
 My wonderful Family!
 The girls loved having snow to build a snowman!
 We girls all had penguin pj's this year! Love my girls!
 Lizzie wanted her picture taken, but the flash was bright!
 Christmas Morning! Look what my girly girl got in her sock!
 Opening her 'santa' present!

 Opening presents!

Jake 'modeling' his new hoodie from Grandpa & Grandma Wagner, he is a goof ball!

We had a great Christmas in Idaho with everyone! 
It was nice having all Dustin's family together for the holidays! 
This was our hardest year away from home tho! It is getting to hard to travel for Christmas with the kids getting so big! But we had a blast! 

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