Christmas in Boise!

After the wedding fun was over, we took off to Boise to see my family.
We stayed in a hotel with a nice pool, and no one else was ever in the pool when we went, it was so nice! 

 In between swimming we spent time with my family, opening presents and eating...
 Lizzie got a puppy that barks and jumps around, she loved it!
 Swimming with Cousin Sara

 Grandpa & Grandma Wagner came swimming with us a few times!

After swimming I wanted hot cocoa and dessert, everyone else wanted ice cream! 
So, we went and had ice cream, and food, while freezing!
 Lizzie LOVED the fry sauce!
 And the ice cream, Daddy dripped some on her head tho!

We had a great visit, although short. 
It was great spending time with everyone!

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