Wedding Time!

One of the reasons we went to Idaho for Christmas was to be there for Dustin's baby brother's wedding! And it was beautiful! 
We are SOOOO happy for Colby & Melissa! 
 Aren't they cute! Love them!

 All the family that got to be there at the temple!
 The wedding party! 
(I got to be the sub- photographer! It was fun! I also made the flowers for the wedding/party!)
 My cute family!!!
 My boy!
 Father and son! Good lookin' guys!
 My beautiful Grace!
 My precious Lizzie Zoe!
 My cute family enjoying the reception while I take pictures!
 A BIG donut for a little girl!
 Sweet Bekah!
 This is a picture with Dustin's all time favorite teacher, and one of the namesakes for Grace, 
Grace Taylor! We were all excited to see her!
The 4 sisters! I LOVE these ladies! 
They are so wonderful and I am so blessed to have them for sisters! 
Even though I am the shortest one... oh well! LOL

The wedding was beautiful and I am so glad we all got to be there for it!

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