On the road again!

Well, we are starting the next phase of our journey! Like it or not! We are really going to miss all the fab people around us! And sorry to all of you that we haven't gotten to see much! Life has sure just flown by these last few years! We love you all and you now get to join all of our other far away friends, YES we stay is contact with them, as many as we can anyway! You are always welcome to come visit us anytime, unless we are here visiting all of you!!!

Slide shows galore!

So at the moment I am adding slide shows! Three new ones so check them out! One is some of our fun in WA. One is random fun all over! And another has some pictures from out trip to CA! So there is lots to see! More coming soon also!!! Like I said pictures galore!

Busy summer!

Well we have had a very busy and fun summer! I have a million pictures! So I will be putting them up slowly when I have time! We are still getting ready to move! To much to do!!!
We have decided that we still have to much stuff so we are having a yard sale! When you have a 26 foot enclosed trailer stuffed, and still have stuff, you have to much! So out everything must come to decide what goes! Not something I am looking forward to at all! I got rid of a lot of my stuff and the kids, but didn't want to go through Dustin's, I would have had no clue what he didn't need any more, so now here we go! Sale is Saturday, only three days to do all this since it keeps getting put off!
And there is still tons we want to do and people to see before we leave, but I don't think it will all happen! Sorry if we don't get to see everyone!
I will tell the story of our crazy summer with the pictures! Otherwise I will forget something!
Hope everyone else is having a great summer!

Happy 4th!

Well we are having a great weekend! Fishing, riding, shooting, fish fry, family, what more is there! We are having a great weekend! We saw fireworks last night, doing fireworks tonight...

I hope that you all have a great 4th! We are very thankful for our freedoms and the opportunity we have to live and do and believe as we feel . And I am very thankful to my husband and all the other soldiers and veterans who have made this possible! Thanks everyone!