Sept. in Idaho

 So I have been promising pictures for a while, so here they are! As I was looking through them I realized that I didn't take pictures of much :( You would think I would be better about that, being a photographer and all, oh well, I will do better! But for now...

Here is our little brother who just got home from serving a 2 year mission in Brazil.
 Bekah giving Uncle Colby loves
All the kids, Jake, Mason, Grace & Bekah wearing there
 'Welcome Home Elder Rolfe' shirts with their Uncle Colby!
Jake & Uncle Colby wrestling like old times! Jake may be bigger, but Uncle Colby still wins!

 We did a joint birthday party for Colby & Mason
 Having fun on the trampoline! 
(Grace, Jake, Bekah & Dustin, and Uncle Kendall ready to catch the girls as they jump off to him!)
Grace helping Mason ride on the tricycle! The kids loved playing with their little cousin Mason! 

 My wonderful sister-in-law and mother-in-law gave me a baby shower with cousin Alexis who is due in December with her first baby, a boy. It was so great to see all the family and friends from the area and some from Texas! 
Grace with Mason at the shower
 Me and Alexis showing our baby bellies! 
 We went out to the river one night for a camp fire dinner and fun, since it is one of Colby's favorite things to do, and he hasn't got to for 2 years! It was really fun! Above is the kids jumping with Auntie Kayla and Mason on a tramp that was out there. (We went on some of Aunt Rachel's families land, so there was a tramp and tables)
 Sunset on the river
Here is Mason, Grandma Marie, Bekah & Gracie right after we got up there, before it got dark!

While we were all visiting I got to take my super cute nephews first year pictures!

We also did a smash cake session! 
It was so fun taking his pictures! 
I wish we lived closer so I could take more of him as he grows! We will see what we can work out! 

This week we drove to the other side of the state to see some more of my family and friends and pick up a furniture that my mom had for us from my grandma's house. It was a great trip! We got to see some great friends and there cute kids! And we got to spend some more time with my parents, sister, niece and brother. And of course I didn't take any pictures! My family did and hopefully I will get some of them! 
On the way back we stopped at my 'Bonus' families and enjoyed time together with all the new babies! The girls got to ride the horses, or one of them, but I didn't get any pictures! Next time I will! But it was great visiting with all of them. 

While we were making our trip, we found out that we get to rent the house we wanted! So we now have a place to move to!!! We won't move in until next Thursday, but it is nice to know where we are going! So be sure to email me your address if you want a 'moved' card with our new info!

For now, we are just relaxing and enjoying some quite time before we move into our new house! The boys are all fishing today, tomorrow I am taking my kids 'fall' pictures, I normally only do ones for Christmas, but we didn't get any of the school ones since we moved during that time. Plus it gives me some new ones to put on the 'moved' cards! And the rest of our week here will be relaxing and visiting with family and friends! More pictures coming I am sure! 

Change it???

I was thinking that I really should change my background, then I realized we are still on the road! We get to drive another 5 hours tomorrow to see more family and friends and then back 5 hours the next day. Then we get a few days off and then we drive the 11 hours back to CO. (That included stops!)
So really, I can't do it! Not till we are in a house in Co! Hopefully that will be about the 3rd of October, if all goes well! So till then!
I will post pictures of our Idaho fun soon tho! Promise! 
But now I get to go take pictures of my super cute 1 year old nephew!!!

7 days, 10 states...

Yeah, we like to GO! 
I am going to start at the beginning, and be warned, a lot of it is uneventful, but such is life.

Day 1- We started last Saturday in Florida. We loaded up both the van and 4Runner, and headed to the kids last football game there. And it was a GOOD game!

 Jake made a great touchdown! His second of the season!
 Bekah being cute!
Gracie having fun cheering!

After the game, which we won! We said our goodbyes and hit the road! We made it to Jasper, AL, just past Birmingham that night. It had been a long, hot day! It was 95 degrees and about 98% humidity when we left. (We drove 8 hours.) My legs and feet were quite swollen by the time we stopped!

Day 2- We got up, ate and hit the road again! We went through Mississippi and Tennessee with no excitement. As soon as we enter Arkansas it started raining and continued through the rest of the state! And it was a hilly, curvy road to boot! It stopped raining hard once we where in Missouri, just continued to sprinkle off and on. We stopped in Kansas City, Missouri side for the night. (We drove 10 hours) I wore socks and tennis shoes to hopefully help with the swelling, it didn't really work! I looked like I had elephant legs! And it hurt so bad to walk!

Day 3- We got up and ate and decided to take a swim to get rid of some energy and relax a little before another long day on the road! It felt wonderful! Then we took off and drove through rolling hills, and a whole lot of nothingness that is Kansas! It seemed like as soon as we entered into Colorado there where pine trees an it started to feel more like home. The kids were are really excited to see Pike's Peak, the first mountain we had seen in a ling time. (We drove 8 hours.) We got to our hotel and stayed in for dinner and relaxed! I wore Dustin's big military socks that went to my knees to help with the swelling and it did help.

Day 4- We took our list of addresses for the houses we thought we would like and hit the town to check out the neighborhoods to see what was worth calling and seeing inside of. We then went to lunch and then saw the inside of a few of the houses. The first we liked, the second was nice outside and horrible inside, and the third was really nice. We decided that the first was to far away, it would be about a 45 minute commute on a good day. So we were leaning towards it, but I just was not feeling excited or really good about it. But it was our best bet, so I was trying to make it work in my head.

Day 5- We got up early and headed out to Idaho! We wanted to get here as early as we could. Wyoming was boring at first, but the last hour before we got to Idaho, and Idaho was beautiful! It was the mountains and trees we remembered! At one point the road we where driving on ran on the boarder of Wyoming and Idaho, so if you were in the left lane you were in Wyoming, if you were in the right lane you were in Idaho, so naturally Dustin had to show this by driving in one lane, then switching to the other and back saying, 'hey I am in Wyoming, now I am in Idaho, now I am in Wyoming!' It was funny. Thankfully there where no cars coming at us!

Day 6- We got to be here for Dustin's baby brother to get home for his mission! It was a fun day of family. We where all excited to see him after 2 years! The kids love him and really missed him. Although, Bekah didn't really remember him, she was only 2 when he left after all.

Day 7- We spent the day with the family. Went to town do some errands and had a big dinner with more family that came into town today. And I found another house we think we like even more, so we shall see what happens! Stay tuned!

I will post some pictures of our time  here in Idaho soon. I didn't take any while we were driving, I was to busy!

And that was our trip thus far! Our long drive and arrival! More to come soon. 

What a week!!!

Okay, so I will start with last Saturday, our day of fun! We went out to a local spring about 40 minutes away to play and have a picnic, since we had a bye week for football. One of my best friends and her family joined us and we all had a blast! 
 Jake jumping in the cold spring water!
 Dustin, Bekah & Grace playing in the water
 Bekah, Grace, & Izze swimming
 Grace & Bekah on the little water falls
 Me & Dana, my best friend!
 Dustin & Grace being lazy!
Jake getting ready to try and see down in the cave at the bottom of the spring

So that was Saturday. Sunday we went to church and did some more pre-moving stuff, that needed to be done before the packers came to finish on Monday. Which they did.
Tuesday the truck and loaders came. They were very nice and started loading. Well, see, the driver had a HUGE semi and HUGE trailer, should be no problem, right? We ll, not exactly! Apparently we were his third house to load, and both of the other two had gone over there allotted amount, so there was not room for all our stuff on his truck! Yeah, I know! So they had to call in another truck, a small one, to finish the last 1/4 of our stuff. These guys were okay, but not as nice. And they didn't even have any tools, so poor Dustin had to take apart all the furniture and everything that they were suppose to do! It was kind of stupid. But they got it all loaded, after a long day! 
We went and checked into our 'cabin' on the bay on Tuesday since they loaded our beds. It is nothing fancy but is the same cost as a hotel with two beds, only we get 2 bedrooms, one with a double, the other with a double and a twin, and a small kitchen stocked and a living room. Plus it is on the water.

Dustin got up early on Wednesday and took pictures of the sunrise. Beautiful! 
Wednesday we spent the day at the house. I hired a lady from church to come do the cleaning that I am not really able to do, let me just say I am SOOOOO glad I did! It was nice having someone else worry about all that! I tried to help a little, but it was not easy with my big old pregnant body! I am very thankful I hired her! We also had the window cleaners, whom we had to hire per our lease, come and clean the windows all inside and out. And by mistake I had set the appointment for the carpet cleaners to come on the same day! But it worked out perfect! The house cleaner and windows were done before the carpet guys got there and they did all the carpets and the tile and grout in the kitchen and we were DONE! All in one day! It worked out perfect! I was also able to take care of all our utilities and other misc. house stuff! So we turned in our keys and have today, Thursday, and Friday to do other things! Like school and football, and playing on the beach...

 Wednesday we took the evening to just relax! And enjoy the beach right outside out cabin! 
It was wonderful! And much needed!
This is Bekah this morning, her last day to go to pre-school in Florida. 
Today we do have to go get some medical records, get Bekah one last immunization, and Dustin has paperwork in the office to do, but that is all! Friday is the kids last day and we have a lunch for Dustin and that is all! Saturday we will be checking out of our cabin and going to Jake & Grace's last football game in Florida, then we hit the road! So I won't be back online until Tuesday when we arrive in CO and look for a house! I will try to update the blog and everyone then! Enjoy your weekend! We will!

Getting back where we started...

Two years + later!!!

They said they would come do the garage today, and if they had a chance so some inside...
 Well, two did the garage while one started on the kids rooms...

 Then, before lunch they all came in and started on my room and closet...

They packed almost everything! 
I don't think it will take them long on Monday to finish my room, and do the kitchen and little left in the living room! This morning before school I talked to the kids and told them what to expect, they asked if they were packing their rooms and I said I didn't think so, but they might. Well, they were a little shocked to come home and have EVERYTHING packed!!! It was funny. They remember moving here so for them, Jake & Grace, it isn't a huge deal. We have been talking and preparing for a while. They are a little sad to leave friends, but more excited about moving to Colorado, and being closer to family. But poor Bekah doesn't remember moving here. I am glad that she was home today to SEE the packers. We talked about how all her stuff would be in the same boxes when we unpacked them in our new house. That she would have all the same stuff, just in a new house. She is excited, sad, scared and nervous and confused all at the same time! She sees that the rest of us are okay and excited, so she is trying to be also. She is so sweet! She is such a happy girl and up for any adventure, and she is so loving and trusting, that I know she will get through this, with the rest of us, all together and be great! 

Like I said in a previous post:
If life were simple, it would be boring!

The past two days...and the next week!

WOW! Time is flying! I feel like I have been running non-stop! I do take a few minutes to relax and rest my body, but have a lot to do! 
Yesterday I: made lunches for my 3 monkeys; got them off to school, dropping Bekah off; cleaned the kitchen;  got my room and bathroom all ready for movers; picked Bekah up and did a few errands; did almost all the laundry; made a watch for a customer; planned my last Boys Faith in God lesson; got all the Cub Scout stuff ready to hand over to the new Cub Master; went through my closet and got rid of more; fixed dinner; called phone/internet and dish to shut off service; taught Faith in God to the boys; and helped with homework! (I did watch a few shows while I cleaned my room! And rested as needed)

Today I: made lunches; got kids to school, including dropping off Bekah; packed all my clothes and jewelery; did some sewing on a few items needing repairs; picked up Bekah; did a few more errands; did some computer work; dropped off the watch I made; packed the girls stuff; cooked dinner; edited some pictures from my last photo shoot; did more laundry; set up window cleaners for next week; tried setting up carpet cleaners, I am still working on that; and helped with homework! Thankfully my wonderful, very helpful husband did the yard work; most the garage; changed my oil; loaded stuff for me to make a goodwill run; helped with homework; and took the kids to football and cheer practice so I could finish my stuff! 
Since I have been going non stop, this poor baby hasn't had much room, and let me say, she is enjoying it now that I am sitting! And my sweet Bekah, whom I would be lost without, is so excited and trying to figure out everything that she CAN"T stop talking! Seriously! If she is not talking to me, she is talking to herself! I just don't know what to do with her!!! 

The rest of the week should be less stressful, thank-goodness! 
Tomorrow, Friday, they come to pack our garage, stuff outside, and maybe start on the house. 
Saturday we have a bye week, so no football or cheer so we are going swimming at one last new place with some awesome friends, then we are doing a BBQ at a local park as a good-bye party. 
Sunday, church and then finishing all the last minute stuff for the packers who come on Monday! We also start our last week of football & cheer practice, and of school in Florida.
Then Tuesday they load everything up! We go to the hotel, well cabin on the bay, that we are staying at for the rest of the week. 
Wednesday is cleaning day. I know a fabulous lady from church who cleans houses for extra cash, so I have hired her. The window cleaners come also on Wednesday. 
Thursday hopefully the carpet cleaners will come. It is Bekah's last day of school here; and we have to take her to get one last shot, then she is set till she is 11 years old. And we have to get all our medical & shot records. 
Friday we will do a walk through with the landlords and turn in keys. 
Saturday we have our last football & cheer game, then we hit the road!!!
We plan on driving Saturday, Sunday and arriving in CO Monday afternoon or evening. Looking at houses Tuesday. And heading for ID on Wednesday, we should arrive that evening! 
SO, we will be away from internet as of Tuesday, unless the hotel/cabin has it, which I am unsure of. I should be able to post one more time before then!
Hope you have a great weekend!!!

Life is what it is!

I have had a few posts on Facebook that have made me think a little more about my life, let me share. 
The first comment from a sweet friend:
I don't know how you do it. Moving, being prego, football, cheerleading, being the mom, and still being so positive. You are a great example!
At first I didn't know what to think, it is just my life. I do what I do. I never thought it was that great. The more I thought about it the more I though, it is just part of being a mom, and enjoying it. Moving is part of the military life we choose and love. Pregnancy is part of having a new joy! The rest is just, well, life. I love my kids and doing things for them shouldn't be a bad, hard, sad thing.
I could let a lot of things get me down, but then life would just suck! 
The next post of Facebook wasn't to me, but by a friend of mine, and it hit me for some reason.
I wish life were simple, but its not! 
First, we all have times when life gets us down! And I my heart goes out to her and any others who are feeling this way. I have a history with depression, so I know the feeling very well. I have always heard that nothing worth doing good was easy(simple). 
If life were simple where would we find the joy? 
The excitement? It would just be boring!
So here is to my happy, busy, crazy, not simple life!!! I am loving every moment of it! And I hope I can always be positive about whatever may be making me run in circles!  
Hope your is just as busy and not simple:)

Our fun week!

A great week! This week Jacob earned his Arrow of Light for Cub Scouts! This is kinda a big thing! It is the biggest award for Cub Scouts and the only one that can be worn on the Boy Scout uniform!

Can't tell he is excited!
Jake pinning me
He worked hard to get this award! We are very proud of him!
 Grace at Cheer practice
 This Friday night our local High school did a big 9-11 tribute at the football game.
 They have a HUGE marching band and Eagle pride: flag twirlers, baton twirlers, & band. 
It is an impressive sight that the pictures don't do justice too. They are so good that they are one of 20 from across the US that has been invited to be in the 2012 Macy's Day parade in NY! (Some of the YW & YM from church are in it and are so excited!)
 The band lined up to welcome the football team!
 Niceville Eagles football team! I have not seen football anywhere like here! It is a MAJOR thing! 
The whole town comes to support them, not just students & parents!
 Half time show by the band & Eagle Pride
Here we are all dressed in our Niceville gear! 
Bekah & I in Niceville shirts, Grace is wearing one of Jake's old jersey's that he volunteered to let her wear! (Makes me happy to know he likes her enough to let it be know she is his sister!) And Jacob in this years jersey! (Bekah looks like she was crying cause she had just gotten hit in the face by Jake on accident!)

I love my kids! They are so stinkin' cute and good to boot! 

We ended the week today with Jake's football game! As we are in the middle of  a Tropical Storm, and it was raining all morning and off and on during the game, Grace didn't cheer. (Last season the girls all whined when they had to cheer in the rain, so this time they didn't, since it was suppose to get worse!)
Also due to the rain I didn't have a camera out at all, SO of course not only did we win, Jacob got his first touchdown running the ball through the middle!!! He did awesome!!! He also had some great blocks and other plays! We are so proud of him!!! GO EAGLES!!!