AAHH it's September!!!

August seemed to fly by! I guess we got so busy the days were just a blur! And here I am, September 1st, with a have done goal list for August!!! And SO much to do for September! 

Our big happenings in August were:
Jacob started football
Grace Started Cheer
Jacob started 5th grade, I know! I can't believe I have a fifth grader either!
Grace started 3rd grade!
And Bekah started Pre-K!!! She was, and is, the most excited about school!
The yucky 2 hour glucose test for me :(
We went for a mini road trip to Port St. Joe

See, it doesn't seem like it was that bad! But I guess when most of those things happen every day, they add up!

September brings:
My 28 week check up!
Football, Cheer, & school continue!
Packers coming to pack us 2 days
Packers Loading everything up and taking off on day 3
Our Goodbye BBQ with our fab friends
House cleaning, I saved money to hire a lady to do it!
Carpet & windows get cleaned
We turn in keys!
We go to 2 more football games
We hit the road! Heading for CO
We stop and see some great sites on the road
We find a house, hopefully, quickly in CO
Head to Idaho for some family & friend fun!!!
Head back to CO and move in!

Yeah, so September looks a LITTLE bit crazier!!! 

Here are my August goals: 

~ Clean out my room & closet- I did a little, but need to go start over and getter done!
~ make 2 Goodwill runs- Made 1! - Have a start to another load, need to finish and drop off
~Do my visit teaching- DONE
~Explore 2 new places in FL- 1 DONE, plans for other in place!
~Do at least one act of service- My month went by to fast! :(
~Stick to Budget!- Trying!- Did okay, could do better, but with the start of everything, most of which required something if not money also, it was hard!
~Pre-clean house for move- Yeah, I just sucked at this one.
~cook out of pantry- doing- Did great! And the next two weeks we will use a lot more of our unopened items, freezer items and fridge items, we shouldn't have to give or through away much!
There you have it!  So some of these will be finished in the next week or two! Along with my September goals, which I have no choice but to finish as most pertain to moving!!!
How was your month in review?


Kayla said...

SOOOO exciting! What day to the movers take your stuff away?

The Roaming Rolfe's said...

On the 13th! Then we clean and leave by the 17th!