What a week!!!

Okay, so I will start with last Saturday, our day of fun! We went out to a local spring about 40 minutes away to play and have a picnic, since we had a bye week for football. One of my best friends and her family joined us and we all had a blast! 
 Jake jumping in the cold spring water!
 Dustin, Bekah & Grace playing in the water
 Bekah, Grace, & Izze swimming
 Grace & Bekah on the little water falls
 Me & Dana, my best friend!
 Dustin & Grace being lazy!
Jake getting ready to try and see down in the cave at the bottom of the spring

So that was Saturday. Sunday we went to church and did some more pre-moving stuff, that needed to be done before the packers came to finish on Monday. Which they did.
Tuesday the truck and loaders came. They were very nice and started loading. Well, see, the driver had a HUGE semi and HUGE trailer, should be no problem, right? We ll, not exactly! Apparently we were his third house to load, and both of the other two had gone over there allotted amount, so there was not room for all our stuff on his truck! Yeah, I know! So they had to call in another truck, a small one, to finish the last 1/4 of our stuff. These guys were okay, but not as nice. And they didn't even have any tools, so poor Dustin had to take apart all the furniture and everything that they were suppose to do! It was kind of stupid. But they got it all loaded, after a long day! 
We went and checked into our 'cabin' on the bay on Tuesday since they loaded our beds. It is nothing fancy but is the same cost as a hotel with two beds, only we get 2 bedrooms, one with a double, the other with a double and a twin, and a small kitchen stocked and a living room. Plus it is on the water.

Dustin got up early on Wednesday and took pictures of the sunrise. Beautiful! 
Wednesday we spent the day at the house. I hired a lady from church to come do the cleaning that I am not really able to do, let me just say I am SOOOOO glad I did! It was nice having someone else worry about all that! I tried to help a little, but it was not easy with my big old pregnant body! I am very thankful I hired her! We also had the window cleaners, whom we had to hire per our lease, come and clean the windows all inside and out. And by mistake I had set the appointment for the carpet cleaners to come on the same day! But it worked out perfect! The house cleaner and windows were done before the carpet guys got there and they did all the carpets and the tile and grout in the kitchen and we were DONE! All in one day! It worked out perfect! I was also able to take care of all our utilities and other misc. house stuff! So we turned in our keys and have today, Thursday, and Friday to do other things! Like school and football, and playing on the beach...

 Wednesday we took the evening to just relax! And enjoy the beach right outside out cabin! 
It was wonderful! And much needed!
This is Bekah this morning, her last day to go to pre-school in Florida. 
Today we do have to go get some medical records, get Bekah one last immunization, and Dustin has paperwork in the office to do, but that is all! Friday is the kids last day and we have a lunch for Dustin and that is all! Saturday we will be checking out of our cabin and going to Jake & Grace's last football game in Florida, then we hit the road! So I won't be back online until Tuesday when we arrive in CO and look for a house! I will try to update the blog and everyone then! Enjoy your weekend! We will!


Kayla said...

You guys look like you're taking advantage of all the perks of Florida while you can. The view from your cabin is AWESOME! I can't wait to see you guys!

Bronson Clan said...

Man you make me miss Florida! I'm so glad everything went well with getting out of the house. And on to the next adventure! So fun. Miss you!