The past two days...and the next week!

WOW! Time is flying! I feel like I have been running non-stop! I do take a few minutes to relax and rest my body, but have a lot to do! 
Yesterday I: made lunches for my 3 monkeys; got them off to school, dropping Bekah off; cleaned the kitchen;  got my room and bathroom all ready for movers; picked Bekah up and did a few errands; did almost all the laundry; made a watch for a customer; planned my last Boys Faith in God lesson; got all the Cub Scout stuff ready to hand over to the new Cub Master; went through my closet and got rid of more; fixed dinner; called phone/internet and dish to shut off service; taught Faith in God to the boys; and helped with homework! (I did watch a few shows while I cleaned my room! And rested as needed)

Today I: made lunches; got kids to school, including dropping off Bekah; packed all my clothes and jewelery; did some sewing on a few items needing repairs; picked up Bekah; did a few more errands; did some computer work; dropped off the watch I made; packed the girls stuff; cooked dinner; edited some pictures from my last photo shoot; did more laundry; set up window cleaners for next week; tried setting up carpet cleaners, I am still working on that; and helped with homework! Thankfully my wonderful, very helpful husband did the yard work; most the garage; changed my oil; loaded stuff for me to make a goodwill run; helped with homework; and took the kids to football and cheer practice so I could finish my stuff! 
Since I have been going non stop, this poor baby hasn't had much room, and let me say, she is enjoying it now that I am sitting! And my sweet Bekah, whom I would be lost without, is so excited and trying to figure out everything that she CAN"T stop talking! Seriously! If she is not talking to me, she is talking to herself! I just don't know what to do with her!!! 

The rest of the week should be less stressful, thank-goodness! 
Tomorrow, Friday, they come to pack our garage, stuff outside, and maybe start on the house. 
Saturday we have a bye week, so no football or cheer so we are going swimming at one last new place with some awesome friends, then we are doing a BBQ at a local park as a good-bye party. 
Sunday, church and then finishing all the last minute stuff for the packers who come on Monday! We also start our last week of football & cheer practice, and of school in Florida.
Then Tuesday they load everything up! We go to the hotel, well cabin on the bay, that we are staying at for the rest of the week. 
Wednesday is cleaning day. I know a fabulous lady from church who cleans houses for extra cash, so I have hired her. The window cleaners come also on Wednesday. 
Thursday hopefully the carpet cleaners will come. It is Bekah's last day of school here; and we have to take her to get one last shot, then she is set till she is 11 years old. And we have to get all our medical & shot records. 
Friday we will do a walk through with the landlords and turn in keys. 
Saturday we have our last football & cheer game, then we hit the road!!!
We plan on driving Saturday, Sunday and arriving in CO Monday afternoon or evening. Looking at houses Tuesday. And heading for ID on Wednesday, we should arrive that evening! 
SO, we will be away from internet as of Tuesday, unless the hotel/cabin has it, which I am unsure of. I should be able to post one more time before then!
Hope you have a great weekend!!!


Bronson Clan said...

You are a crazy woman! The last week Samuel and Charity have been at school, and Hyrum has been at work, so it's been the first time I've been able to relax since we've been there. So as I sit and watch TV all day or take naps and just cuddle with Celeste while Lucy takes huge naps, I think of your crazy schedule and feel even more astoundingly lazy! I have just given myself this week though and refuse to feel guilty about it. :) I can finally recuperate from our move! After this week if I keep it up I will let myself feel guilty though. Time to be a productive addition to society again. Bleh. :)

The Roaming Rolfe's said...

We all need breaks! I am taking mine while we are in Idaho with family! I won't have much I need to do for that week and a half but relax! Before we start over again getting into and unpacking, and get settled in a new place! Then I have to get ready for this baby girl!!! So enjoy your break! I know you aren't a lazy person!