Sept. in Idaho

 So I have been promising pictures for a while, so here they are! As I was looking through them I realized that I didn't take pictures of much :( You would think I would be better about that, being a photographer and all, oh well, I will do better! But for now...

Here is our little brother who just got home from serving a 2 year mission in Brazil.
 Bekah giving Uncle Colby loves
All the kids, Jake, Mason, Grace & Bekah wearing there
 'Welcome Home Elder Rolfe' shirts with their Uncle Colby!
Jake & Uncle Colby wrestling like old times! Jake may be bigger, but Uncle Colby still wins!

 We did a joint birthday party for Colby & Mason
 Having fun on the trampoline! 
(Grace, Jake, Bekah & Dustin, and Uncle Kendall ready to catch the girls as they jump off to him!)
Grace helping Mason ride on the tricycle! The kids loved playing with their little cousin Mason! 

 My wonderful sister-in-law and mother-in-law gave me a baby shower with cousin Alexis who is due in December with her first baby, a boy. It was so great to see all the family and friends from the area and some from Texas! 
Grace with Mason at the shower
 Me and Alexis showing our baby bellies! 
 We went out to the river one night for a camp fire dinner and fun, since it is one of Colby's favorite things to do, and he hasn't got to for 2 years! It was really fun! Above is the kids jumping with Auntie Kayla and Mason on a tramp that was out there. (We went on some of Aunt Rachel's families land, so there was a tramp and tables)
 Sunset on the river
Here is Mason, Grandma Marie, Bekah & Gracie right after we got up there, before it got dark!

While we were all visiting I got to take my super cute nephews first year pictures!

We also did a smash cake session! 
It was so fun taking his pictures! 
I wish we lived closer so I could take more of him as he grows! We will see what we can work out! 

This week we drove to the other side of the state to see some more of my family and friends and pick up a furniture that my mom had for us from my grandma's house. It was a great trip! We got to see some great friends and there cute kids! And we got to spend some more time with my parents, sister, niece and brother. And of course I didn't take any pictures! My family did and hopefully I will get some of them! 
On the way back we stopped at my 'Bonus' families and enjoyed time together with all the new babies! The girls got to ride the horses, or one of them, but I didn't get any pictures! Next time I will! But it was great visiting with all of them. 

While we were making our trip, we found out that we get to rent the house we wanted! So we now have a place to move to!!! We won't move in until next Thursday, but it is nice to know where we are going! So be sure to email me your address if you want a 'moved' card with our new info!

For now, we are just relaxing and enjoying some quite time before we move into our new house! The boys are all fishing today, tomorrow I am taking my kids 'fall' pictures, I normally only do ones for Christmas, but we didn't get any of the school ones since we moved during that time. Plus it gives me some new ones to put on the 'moved' cards! And the rest of our week here will be relaxing and visiting with family and friends! More pictures coming I am sure! 

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Kayla said...

I wish we lived closer for you to take Mason's pics too. We'll just have to take pics every time we get together :) I'm excited to see how yours turn out tomorrow with your kiddos.