It's a...


Our little girl didn't want to cooperate, so it was a little hard to get a good profile picture.
The doctor did keep commenting on her little tiny nose! Bekah has always had a tiny cute nose too!

We are a little surprised by this news of a girl, happy, but surprised! 
This being said, we are working on a name! 
We can't wait to meet this little girl! And we are almost half way there!!!

Counting down...

I go to the doctor tomorrow for the ultra-sound!!! 
So Hurry and vote! I will post the results after the appointment!!!

Boy or Girl???

So this coming Wednesday, the 29th, we get to hopefully find out what we are having, if the baby cooperates! So vote in the poll on the right and let us know what you think!!! I will announce in after the ultrasound!!!

Haapy Father's day/ Anniversary!!!

This year we are celebrating a double holiday! 
Father's Day happens to fall on June 19th, our Anniversary! 
So not only do I get to celebrate my children having an amazing dad,
I get to celebrate being married to my amazing husband!!!
14 years ago I did one of the best things I have ever done, I married
my best friend, the man of my dreams, my hero! 
These past 14 years have been full of adventure, sadness, love, joy, happiness,
and learning as we have traveled the road of life, 
we have enjoyed the journey and look forward to another 14 years!

This being Father's day, I have to mention the fathers in my life, who have touched my heart and life in many, many different ways, all of whom I am thankful for.

My dad, Harold Bailey, who changed my life and loved me as his own. His love and example will forever be with me. As will the many memories and blessings he brought to my life.

My Step- father, Keith, for his love and warm heart that continues to show us all so much love and acceptance. I am very glad to have you as a part of my life, and in my children's.

My father-in-law, Kent, whose love and example have been given from the beginning. I could not of hand picked a better father in law. I am so glad that my children get to share your name and have you forever in their lives.

And my 'Bonus dad', Gary, who has loved me and taught me much. I am glad I got to be a part of his family. I can not forget him on this special day! 

Each one of these men will forever be in my heart. 

I hope you all have a wonderful fathers day with the special fathers in your life!

Found pictures!

So... as promised here are some pictures I found, including a 'belly' shot. 

This is a shot of me at 15 weeks. I have gotten a little, or a lot, bigger since.
I know, another belly shot will come soon.
 We like to go get ice cream after a day out together!

This is me, on the left and a few great friends after a game of Laser Tag! 
Which I must say, I rule at!!! I got over 6400, more than 800 more points than anyone else!!!
(Me, Dana, Bethany, Angie, and April)

I know, I don't post for a long time, than I post twice in one day! Sorry! 
But be sure to see the previous post as it is also new!

The past few weeks...

have been filled with lots of fun and adventures! 

The girls did a week of swim lessons. It started out pretty rough, and got a little better as the week went on! The first day Bekah screamed and cried the first 40 minutes of the 1 hour class. She did NOT want to put her face in the water, at all, no matter what, not even for ice cream or treats. And for get jumping in the pool! It was not a fun hour! I wanted to spank her, slap her, then I just wanted to cry with her! But she got a little better over the week and by day 6 she would do it, without much crying. Grace did great. She started out not wanting to swim with her face in the water or jump in, but by day 6 she could swim the length of the pool and even jumped in off the diving board! 
Grace swimming

 Bekah swimming

Grace jumping in off the diving board!

I only got to go to the first and last day of swim lessons due to being at Girls Camp all week!

Which was a blast! We had 11 girls there and we got to bunk as Wards this year. (Our Stake does camp all together.) So it was nice to see all the girls together and getting along. We also had 3 YCL's this year, youth camp leaders, and it was cool seeing them teaching devotionals and leading all the girls in different activities. They did great. It was in the 90's all week and while we did stay in air conditioned cabins and had other air conditioned buildings, we where still outside a lot and walking all over, and it was hot and uncomfortable. My feet started to swell after day one and for to where I couldn't bend my toes it hurt to much! So I spent a little free time each day laying with my feet up! Our Stake camp theme was "A heart like His." and then each Ward had a personal theme, ours was "A Strong Heart". It was a great theme and we spent a lot of time in devotionals and doing activites to help us gain a 'heart like His'. It was a great year! 
This is our Ward! I am in the back row, second from the right end. 
This is me with some pink in my hair, I actually had a ton, everywhere, but this is all that could be seen in a picture. It was Pink Out day, head to toe! I mainly took this for Grace, but since I was behind the camera, this is the only picture I have of just me! 

I also have a few 'belly' shots, but I can't seem to find them, so I will post them once I do! But be assured, I have a belly, way bigger than I should at 17 weeks! Guess that is what happens when you have no waist area and are having your 4th baby! So... I will post them soon!