Well, we have had a very busy, fun, fast July! Dustin got to be here for 18days!!! So, we did everything we could! As a result, I have a ton of photos! It was really great to have him home. The kids all loved it, even Bekah. She seemed to remember him and was always with him. It was so cute. We went fishing, camping, to Yellowstone, Island Park, a fun park near us, and a lake near by. We had so much fun! We were so sad to see him go, but he will be home again in no time!

The kids also started soccer and are really liking it. Jake is great, he gets right in and gets the ball! Grace and her team are so cute to watch, they get going, and one falls, and its like domino's! Down they all go! She does really good also. We are really enjoying watching there games. Dustin even got to see a few of them!

Well, school is nearing, and for us that means life gets busy! I can't believe Grace will be in Kindergarten! I am again PTO President, so school starts early for me! There is so much to do! But it is fun to be involved in there school. I think it makes school funner for them, I recommend it to every parent. Even if only helping a little! It is worth it!

Am I crazy or has anyone else started planning Christmas gifts yet!? I know what we are doing for everyone! I just have to wait for money! I guess with everything going on I have to start early. It sure makes Christmas time a little easier. Speaking of Christmas, I need everyone to email me their address so I have them for Christmas cards!


Okay, so most of you know that I love to read. It all started when I was a young girl, who grew up with and loved horses, and my mom got me the Saddle Club Series, by Bonnie Bryant. I loved those books! Well, Gracie loves horses also, and has been having riding lessons. While I was looking at Breyer horses, (collectible toy horses) I found that they have some based off those books! So, I started looking for the books so we can read them together. And I am thinking of getting the horses for her for Christmas. Anyway. I was really excited, then I discovered that the author has continued the series with the characters as young adults, in the Pine Hollow Series! I can't wait to read them all now! ( There are 101 in the Saddle Club series, and 17 in the Pine Hollow series, that I know of.) Anyway, I don't know why I am sharing this with you all, but if you have young readers who love horses, these books are fun!

While talking about books, the new Stephanie Meyer book comes out Aug. 2nd!!! And my Twilight friends know how great it will be!!! We will have to chat after we all get them! I know I will be at the store when they open on the 2nd! And am reserving the whole day for reading!!!

If you have read any fun books, let me know!


Well, I thought that the last few weeks would slow down, they did not however! We had lots to do! And while we had lots to do, the days seemed to drag on forever! I think the later was because we are awaiting a visit from Dustin! So we had some hot weather, in the 90's, and decided it was time for some water play! So we spent a fun afternoon in the water! (Pictures to left)

As we were eating a nice Sunday dinner in the shade outside, we noticed that Gracie had two rows of teeth! Her permanent bottom front teeth had come through, while her baby teeth were still in! So the following day we went to the dentist and she had her two baby teeth pulled! She couldn't wait for the tooth fairy to come! (Pictures to left)

After waiting and earning, and waiting, the kids finally got a pet hamster. They have named him TJ and he is really cute and fun. Even Bekah loves him! So, introducing the newest member of the family, TJ Cowey Rolfe, (Cowey because Grace said he is black and white like a cow!) (Again pictures to left, I know I take to many pictures!)

And as always, there is more fun to come! Jake & Grace both have their first Soccer games next week, and hopefully Daddy will be her! So stay tuned!

Some thoughts!

Okay, so my first thought is that if you have an office with glass walls, you shouldn't pick your nose! Yes, as I was leaving the bank I saw movement to my side and looked up to see a guy at his desk picking his nose! Not cute!

My second thought is thank goodness for sunscreen and hairspray! Today as I was cleaning out our truck my sweet little Bekah found a permanent blue marker! And you guessed it, she drew on the seat, the ceiling, anything she could reach! So after panicking, I googled 'removing permanent marker from leather', and found that spray sunscreen will remove it, and behold it worked! (after scrubbing for an hour!) So then I decided to look up 'removing p. marker from cloth', and found that hairspray works, so I tried it and most of it came off! (again after about an hour of scrubbing with a Q tip) It also said that toothpaste gets it off, or a combo of the two. So I hope it worked! About 95% has come off.

And those are my thoughts for the day!