Okay, so most of you know that I love to read. It all started when I was a young girl, who grew up with and loved horses, and my mom got me the Saddle Club Series, by Bonnie Bryant. I loved those books! Well, Gracie loves horses also, and has been having riding lessons. While I was looking at Breyer horses, (collectible toy horses) I found that they have some based off those books! So, I started looking for the books so we can read them together. And I am thinking of getting the horses for her for Christmas. Anyway. I was really excited, then I discovered that the author has continued the series with the characters as young adults, in the Pine Hollow Series! I can't wait to read them all now! ( There are 101 in the Saddle Club series, and 17 in the Pine Hollow series, that I know of.) Anyway, I don't know why I am sharing this with you all, but if you have young readers who love horses, these books are fun!

While talking about books, the new Stephanie Meyer book comes out Aug. 2nd!!! And my Twilight friends know how great it will be!!! We will have to chat after we all get them! I know I will be at the store when they open on the 2nd! And am reserving the whole day for reading!!!

If you have read any fun books, let me know!


Jennifer said...

Just read a book called Austenland by Shannon Hale. I really liked it, and you probably will too, if you like Pride and Prejudice!

Also, have read Stephenie Meyers The Host.

And have been rereading all the Narnia books.

Hope that gives you some suggestions.

Emily E'2 said...

I also read Austenland, it was really cute! I've been enjoying some books by Robin McKinley.
I just found Tasha Alexander, and I really enjoyed her second book. I got them out of order, but it was still a very enjoyable book. I clapped at the end.

ML said...

Shannon Hale also wrote another good book called Goose Girl. It was fun, easy reading. There are also some funny books by Richard Peck: A Long Way From Chicago, Fair Weather, and another that I can't remember the name right now.

They are all fun and fast reads.