Well, we have had a very busy, fun, fast July! Dustin got to be here for 18days!!! So, we did everything we could! As a result, I have a ton of photos! It was really great to have him home. The kids all loved it, even Bekah. She seemed to remember him and was always with him. It was so cute. We went fishing, camping, to Yellowstone, Island Park, a fun park near us, and a lake near by. We had so much fun! We were so sad to see him go, but he will be home again in no time!

The kids also started soccer and are really liking it. Jake is great, he gets right in and gets the ball! Grace and her team are so cute to watch, they get going, and one falls, and its like domino's! Down they all go! She does really good also. We are really enjoying watching there games. Dustin even got to see a few of them!

Well, school is nearing, and for us that means life gets busy! I can't believe Grace will be in Kindergarten! I am again PTO President, so school starts early for me! There is so much to do! But it is fun to be involved in there school. I think it makes school funner for them, I recommend it to every parent. Even if only helping a little! It is worth it!

Am I crazy or has anyone else started planning Christmas gifts yet!? I know what we are doing for everyone! I just have to wait for money! I guess with everything going on I have to start early. It sure makes Christmas time a little easier. Speaking of Christmas, I need everyone to email me their address so I have them for Christmas cards!


Dawn Dart said...

I always start Christmas early. I haven't bought any gifts, but I think about it all year long.

Emily E'2 said...

Hey, I agree it's nice to have Christmas thought out, I even try to buy ahead. Hint. a lot of store are getting rid of toys now for the new Christmas toys. Clearance!! But Addresses are nice!! Smart thinking!