Well, I thought that the last few weeks would slow down, they did not however! We had lots to do! And while we had lots to do, the days seemed to drag on forever! I think the later was because we are awaiting a visit from Dustin! So we had some hot weather, in the 90's, and decided it was time for some water play! So we spent a fun afternoon in the water! (Pictures to left)

As we were eating a nice Sunday dinner in the shade outside, we noticed that Gracie had two rows of teeth! Her permanent bottom front teeth had come through, while her baby teeth were still in! So the following day we went to the dentist and she had her two baby teeth pulled! She couldn't wait for the tooth fairy to come! (Pictures to left)

After waiting and earning, and waiting, the kids finally got a pet hamster. They have named him TJ and he is really cute and fun. Even Bekah loves him! So, introducing the newest member of the family, TJ Cowey Rolfe, (Cowey because Grace said he is black and white like a cow!) (Again pictures to left, I know I take to many pictures!)

And as always, there is more fun to come! Jake & Grace both have their first Soccer games next week, and hopefully Daddy will be her! So stay tuned!


ML said...

So busy. I love the picture of Jacob and TJ Cowey. What a clever name. One of my sons had two rows of teeth too, we called him Shark. A friend of mine who is a dentist told us it wasn't unusual and just to wait and they would fall out soon enough. They did after a few days, and he loved his new Shark nickname. :)

Jennifer said...

Life just does keep on keeping on! I hope that Dustin is there now and that you all are having lots of fun together!

Enjoy your newest member of the family- I don't think we will ever have one of those kinds of pets, too many unpleasant memories from childhood!