Catching up...

Yeah, life has been crazy since school started! And I haven't had time to sit on the computer, and when I have, it either hasn't been to blog, or I just wasn't oin the mood. But, now that I am way behind, be prepared for LOTS of pictures!!!
Here we go...
 Jake got to do cross country club at the first of the school year.
He really enjoyed it and did great!
He is just like his dad!

 Bekah's kindergarten class went on a field trip to a pumpkin farm and Lizzie Zoe and I got to go to!
Lizzie loved the animals! (And the kids running everywhere like animals!;)
 My cute Bekah!
Looking for the perfect pumpkin!
 For one of Grace's Activity Girls activities the Primary Presidency, in cluding me, did a fun mother-daughter night luau. We had a great time together! (And since my babysitters who normally watch Lizzie where there that night, she came too!)
Lizzie Zoe is standing!!! Even taking a few steps by herself!
She is so fun! And growing so fast! I can't believe she is almost a year old!!!
Grace doig a science fair project! She is almost done and then I will tell all about it and post pictures! 
So aside from making breakfast, driving the kids to and from school everyday, making lunch, helping at school, taking kids to after school activities, making diner, cleaning, doing my Primary calling, doing Photography, selling and LOVING Jamberry Nails, and being mom... I have been doing some crafting! I even have joined a craft group, which is great cause it gives me times I can just focaus on crafts, and nothing else! My craft to do list is almost as long as my regualar to do list! So be warned, you may see one of your gifts made below... you are still expected to act surprised!
 Jean car track! I loved this idea I found on Pinterest! I took old jeans I had been saving from the kids, you know the ones with the wholes in the knees, but otherwise great. I measured width so they were wide enough for the fun wood cars I found, and I cut them into pieces to use as tracks! I painted yellow lines, added some velcro dots, the pokey sides, to the back! I even used the tops of the jeans to make bags! I found some fun car fabric and made a liner for the inside, sewed it in, made handles and tada! Love them! (I sent one to a nephew for his birthday and he liked it, so I hope my other nepehews do to!)
 THe kids and I thought it would be fun to throw a candy card into Dustin's birthday box. It was fun to make! We made it in pieces so it could lay flat in the top f the box. SO he opened it and saw the first part, lifted for the second and so on!
I have seen these vinyl baords everywhere and wanted one! SO I got ahold of my vinyl lady, Good Golly Graphics, and had her make me one up! I wanted it on something light, and a friend who had moved gave me some uncut mat board for framing pictures, so I decided to give it a try, ad I love it! No prep- just apply and enjoy! Well, I did have to cut it to size! (They are huge pieces, and in several fun colors! I am doing more, hopefully today!)
 I decorated some mini pumpkins for Halloween!
Mummy door!
 I saw this on Pinterest, they used crate paper streamers for there door, but I wanted something that would last through rain, so I used tulle! I got a huge roll, in the wedding section at Micheal's, using a coupon it was only 5 bucks! Love how it turned out! I just cut strips, and taped them on both sides of the door! Added eyes and I was good!
 Tu-tu time! The girls are all going to be ghosts for Halloween, and needed tu-tu's to go with their costumes! I also needed one for Lizzie's first birthday outfit!
 I did faces on Bekah and Lizzie's tops! They are so fun! I just cut out the eyes and mouth in black fabric, hot glued on googly eyes and added a flower to Bekah's and the are cute and ready to go! I just need to make hair bows!
 Lizzie's first birthday outfit! I love it! I found the flowers at Micheal's and glued them on in the shape of a 1 and all done! So cute, and way less money then buying one and easy to make!
I have a large flower just like the ones on the shirt for her hair!
 I-Spy ornaments! I love anything I-spy, and saw this idea and decided to make some!
Love them!
 Hair bows! I got the flowers at Micheal's with coupons. Added a few pearls and clips and all done!
( made these for a special Christmas present, more to come, after Christmas...)
Snowboard cones!
I got pinecone at Micheal's, painted popcicle sticks, used the heads, hats and scarfs I had left from my snowmen ornaments last year and hot glued them together and ta-da! Oh, and I painted on faces. Oh, and I pained almonds, yes almonds from my panty, as feet! Super easy, my kids helped!
(another specail for Christmas present...)
I have done a few photo shoots the past few months! Which is SO fun! And this last time I had my kids play at the park while I did the families and then I did my kids Fall Photos! I love that I can take there pictures so much and really see the changes as they grow! I think I am going to need a new camera soon ;)
My kids and I!
My friend, whose pictures I took, stayed and took a picture for me so I could be in it for Dustin!
 My girls and I!
Leaf fight! What fall photo shoot is complete without a leaf fight!

My boy and I!

My girls! So cute!

Jake being the big brother! So fun!
I am so blessed with amazing kids! I love them so much! They are growing way to fast!
(((Individual shots are on the right!)))
And now we are up to date!!!  For now anyway!
A few highlights I didn't go over:
- I am planning birthday parties! So fun!
- Dustin's baby brother is getting married! So I am helping with wedding flowers, and planning a bridal shower!
- Trying to get all my Christmas/birthday things done so I can enjoy the season and just relax with my guy when he gets home!!! We are so close!!!
If anyone wants more dirrection on making anything posted above comment and let me know!