May is still going...

So right now in May there is not a lot going on! 
I have been taking a course on base so I am in class from 8am till 5pm Monday thru Friday! 

 Cute Lizzie Zoe! 
She is now 18 months old! 
Time has flown!!!

The house has been moving along fast!!!
Sheet rock is up!!!

 Gotta love her! 

 They are getting the siding up! 
The Front/ Entry of the house! 

So, as I stated before, I got chosen to take a course on base,
the Master Resilience Training for Instructors. This was a 2 week, intense training. 
I learned so much about myself, how to improve my self and my relationships, how to help others understand how and why things happen in their lives and how to become stronger people. 
This is a military program that is new. I was part of the second spouses class EVER! 
It was really awesome and I am so glad I got to do it, and that my wonderful husband encouraged me and helped so much with the kids! And to my great friends Becca and Gena who also helped so much!!! 
 This is the class picture, with instructors also! 
(There are only 24 spouse students!)
I am on the top just of left from center. 

We got to hear part of the material being taught by one of the co-founders of the program! 
Dr. Karen Reivich (She is the 6th one in from the left.)

This is me on graduation day with one of the instructors MSG Jennifer Loredo
She was an awesome instructor! 

I was selected to do a couple interviews for a few newspapers!
This is from the Colorado Springs Gazette: (Online) I don't have the paper copy

Some GI skills translate to everyday life

By Erin Prater Published: June 3, 2013 | 12:50 pm • 0
Twenty-four military spouses silently sat in a dim room. Their eyes were closed.
If not for the whirring of fans and the recording of a male voice, one could have heard a pin drop.
"Totally relax," the voice commanded in a slow, even tone. "Let all the tension flow out as you exhale and relax."
The spouses were practicing tactical breathing, a combat skill regularly taught to soldiers to help them take control of their vitals during life-threatening situations.
The exercise was part of a recent 10-day Master Resiliency Training class for Army spouses - the first of its kind at Fort Carson and the second of its kind Army-wide.
All soldiers go through the training, which aims to build resilience by teaching skills including emotional awareness, impulse control and putting situations in perspective.
The program's skills can be used in taxing situations on the homefront, during a stressful move or when a spouse is deployed and a child is hospitalized, Sgt. 1st Class Robert Trice said.
"It's not just soldiers who need resiliency," said Trice, who oversees Master Resiliency Training at Fort Carson. "These aren't military leadership skills. They're life skills that we can apply to everyday life."
Students, many of whom volunteer with on-post organizations and family readiness groups, went through a rigorous application process, Trice said.
They had to be recommended by their spouses' commanders, commit to attending the entire course and agree to pass on the skills they learn to others in informal conversations and at formal classes they'll be asked to teach.
"The key is paying it forward and spreading that knowledge," Trice said. "We want to infect people with resiliency."
Eleanor Rolfe, the wife of a Fort Carson bomb technician, enrolled in the course to improve herself as an Army spouse and gain tools to help younger wives in her husband's unit.
"This is an opportunity for me to gain tools to help with the Army life," Rolfe said.
Before enrolling in the course, Rolfe, who has weathered numerous deployments and moves, thought she was resilient.
By the end of the course, her definition of resiliency changed, and she realized she had more work to do, she said.
"I don't think I fully grasped the concept of being self-aware and how that plays a part in resiliency," she said.
Jarold Montefalcon, the husband of a Fort Carson military policewoman, was one of two husbands who participated in the class.
Montefalcon, who went through similar training when he served as an Army mechanic, enrolled in the course so he could lead classes for the battalion family readiness group he heads.
His top takeaway from the course: Resiliency is a process, not a destination.
"It's like brushing your teeth - you don't do it just once," he said.

The Fort Carson Mountaineer, Page 12

So, that is kinda crazy! I can't wait to get to instruct some of the lessons in this course! 

End of the school year...

School winding down! 
A few last minute field trips...

 Grace had a field trip to a local nature center, while she was learning in a mini class, Lizzie and I looked around...
She thought this stuffed bear was so cool, and was afraid to touch it all at the same time! 
 At the girls school, when I go into help or visit, I have a to put on a name sticker, Lizzie always steals it and one time I put it on her forehead and she thought that was so funny! So now every time I get one, she wants it on her head! LOL She stole mine on the field trip! 
 Grace in the visitor center

A few days later Bekah had a field trip to another nature center, so we went with her to! 
 Sweet sisters! I didn't get many pictures but we had fun! 

The 4th grade put on a play! I only got this one picture because I video recorded Graces part and couldn't take pictures and record at the same time! She did great tho and it was cute! 
 It was about what they wanted to be when they grew up, with lots of songs. 

The district had an end of the year are show, and a few students art pieces from each grade at each school were selected to go...
 Here is Bekah's that got picked!
And Grace had one picked to! Her's is the pot of flowers by her head! 
They are both great at art and we are very proud of them! 

Bekah Graduated Kindergarten!!! 
Sadly both Dustin and I had to be else where and couldn't go, but my friend video recorded it for me and took a picture! 
We love her so much and are so proud of the smart girl she is! 
(She already can read all her 1st grade sight words, but 3!!! I don't know what we are going to do with her next year! LOL) 

House update!!!

 The master bedroom/ bathroom has a two way fire place!
 Right above my tub! So excited to soak in the tub with the fireplace roaring!!!

(Not a lot to explain, as I put on the picture what they are of!) 

House update!

May 10th- house update!

 They are moving right along! 

It is so fun to get to watch the house being built! The girls favorite thing to do after we drop Jake off at school, before I take them is to go see how it is going!