Mays BIG News!!!

After much looking and debating we decided to buy a new build house! 
AND we even knew which one and everything! 
SO we signed the contract with the builders!!!

 This is the model house, the same model as ours!!! (Ours will even be the same colors, other than the red on the top will be a green, since Dustin doesn't like the red.)
 Here it is on the day we signed the contract, making it ours!!!

This is a day or two later! 

We are so excited to have our own house again! It has been years since we last had our very own home! 
Now we had decided to wait until we were retiring to buy again, since we lost money last time. But as we looked at the houses around, to find one to rent that was big enough, 5 bedroom, and in our price range, we could find NONE! Most houses in our price range, here anyway, are only 3 or 4 bedroom, and 4 is hard to find! (Our lease will be up and they are selling so we have to move.) So we looked at the market, interest rates and all that good stuff and decided to buy. Then we further decided to buy a new build since we could get a good deal, buyer incentives, and pick where and what it was! And here we are! We are hoping to close July 5th! 
(We also plan on being here a little longer than normal, and this is a base we most likely will be back to for Dustin's job, and we could retire here and do good and be close, or as close as we can get, to family.)

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