Royal Gorge Family Fun!

We got to go check out another local site! 

 It was pretty cool! 
 Waiting on the tram to go across the Gorge
 On the tram! 

 Looking at the bridge from the middle of the gorge! 

 Exploring! Love my daddies girls! 
 Lizzie Zoe had to be big and climb on the rocks! 
 What a cutie! 
 At the look out point
 Me and my guy! 
 They had an old west town with a cemetery, they said different ways people died in the old west, we thought this one was pretty funny! 

 Oh no! The trouble makers are in jail! 

 Watch out for that Sheriff! 
 By an old mine cart! 
 Bekah on top of the mine! 

 Walking cross the bridge
 They have a sign for every state somewhere on the bridge, this one is for Auntie! 

 Where these two were born! 

 Where we are! 
 Where this one was born! 

 Riding in a train going down the side of the mountain to get to the bottom of the gorge! 

 Papa & Jake on the zip line ride, over the gorge! 

 Grace & Dustin on the zip line ride! 

 We took a scenic road on our way home and they have fossils in the rock. 
These are actually like reverse fossils. When the dinosaurs walked across here years ago, they pushed down in the soil, the under neath soil has fallen away to reveal footprints! 
 The road

 cool colored rocks! 

 Rock climbing
Wanting to be like Daddy, Lizzie had to try! 

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