End of the school year...

School winding down! 
A few last minute field trips...

 Grace had a field trip to a local nature center, while she was learning in a mini class, Lizzie and I looked around...
She thought this stuffed bear was so cool, and was afraid to touch it all at the same time! 
 At the girls school, when I go into help or visit, I have a to put on a name sticker, Lizzie always steals it and one time I put it on her forehead and she thought that was so funny! So now every time I get one, she wants it on her head! LOL She stole mine on the field trip! 
 Grace in the visitor center

A few days later Bekah had a field trip to another nature center, so we went with her to! 
 Sweet sisters! I didn't get many pictures but we had fun! 

The 4th grade put on a play! I only got this one picture because I video recorded Graces part and couldn't take pictures and record at the same time! She did great tho and it was cute! 
 It was about what they wanted to be when they grew up, with lots of songs. 

The district had an end of the year are show, and a few students art pieces from each grade at each school were selected to go...
 Here is Bekah's that got picked!
And Grace had one picked to! Her's is the pot of flowers by her head! 
They are both great at art and we are very proud of them! 

Bekah Graduated Kindergarten!!! 
Sadly both Dustin and I had to be else where and couldn't go, but my friend video recorded it for me and took a picture! 
We love her so much and are so proud of the smart girl she is! 
(She already can read all her 1st grade sight words, but 3!!! I don't know what we are going to do with her next year! LOL) 

House update!!!

 The master bedroom/ bathroom has a two way fire place!
 Right above my tub! So excited to soak in the tub with the fireplace roaring!!!

(Not a lot to explain, as I put on the picture what they are of!) 

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