February!!! (Still catching up!)

(((Still working on catching up! Be sure to scroll down through January.)))

Jacob advanced 2 ranks in Scouts! And got several merit badges! 

We are very proud of him!

So, while Dustin was deployed he was promoted to Master Sergeant, and once he was home and got back to work after leave he was transfer to another unit to be the First Sergeant! 
They had a big Change of Responsibility where he took his place! It was very neat.  

 As the new 1SGT we had to provide the refreshments, since it was on a Friday, and everyone was getting off right after he decided we should just have treats and drinks, so I made 107 cupcakes, 75 chocolate chip cookies, and 75 sugar cookies! (Yeah it took 2 days of baking! But everything turned out yummy!)

 As my helper we agree! LOL She really enjoyed the chocolate cupcakes!

 Dustin with his new unit, 749th EOD!
 Him with his Commander
 Me, watching, not the best picture...
 The transfer of the sword! 

 Dustin, Commander, and the 1SGT he was replacing

Dustin giving his 'welcome' speech

I am so proud of him and how hard he has worked to get here! He will make a great 1SGT! 

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