Valentine's Day!

(((Still catching up! Sorry!)))

We had a fun Valentines!!!
(Pictures are out of order, sorry!)
 Lizzie and I helped in Bekah's Kindergarten class party! 
 We had fondue for dinner! 3 courses! First cheese, then a broth for meat,and last CHOCOLATE!!! Here we are enjoying the Chocolate, I forgot to take pictures of the other 2 courses!

Pink breakfast of course! Have to start the day out right! 
We had pink pancakes, strawberries, and strawberry milk! 

 The girls lunch, had to have a few valentines treats! Heart sandwiches, red jello, and pink strawberry oroes! 

 This year I found an idea on Pinterest to do a mailbox for each child/person and to put a treat in each day leading up to Valentine's Day, it was so much fun! They loved coming home from school and checking their mail boxes! I did V Day socks, straws, candies...
Here is Valentine's Days goodies, they wouldn't fit in the boxes! 

 This year I decided to make Dustin a 'man bouquet' like one I saw on Pinterest! 
 So I got a bunch of goodies he likes, and attached them to wooden skewers with tape! (Next time I would use a stronger tape like box tape, and fill the vase with rocks or sand for weight so it wouldn't tip over) 

We had a great Valentine's! So thankful for my sweethearts!

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