Spring Break Baby!!!

We spent part of our Spring Break here at home and a few days on a little road trip! 
Our driving view! 

Grace holding a baby gator! 
 We took Dustin to the gator farm we went to last year! 
The enjoyed it and really wanted to take daddy! 
 Our family! 
 Lizzie was excited and hesitant all at the same time! 
 Lookin at fish! 
 They have about 200 or more gators...

 A nest! 
(It is to cold here so they have to incubate the nests. The gators are good because they have hot springs water to keep them warm. 

 The gator on the left is Morris! I am sure some of you have seen him in one of his many movies! 

 We stayed at the same Inn we stayed in last year, with the indoor water park, which we went to every chance we got! 

 We drove home another way to see a little more...
 I found out about a waterfall, that freezes during the winter and is really cool to see, so here we are walking back to it, over the frozen creek
 Waterfall behind us!

 You could see the water flowing behind the clear ice on the right, and you could hear it all, it was really cool! 

 Coming out was a little tricky, and the kids decided to just slide out...

 Pictures on our hike back to the car

 We went to the Great Sand Dunes National Park.
 It was pretty cool, they are massive, almost as tall as the mountains behind them! 
 LOL It was a little windy! 
View driving home...

We had a great time! I really like these little mini vacations! 

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