Grace's 10th Birthday! (Still January!)

(((Be sure to scroll down to see more January as I am posting a bunch today!)))

Grace decided to have a spa party for her last big party! 
(We do big birthday parties through there 10th, than we continue to do our birthday dinners/family party, and they get to pick something fun to do with a friend!)

 We did homemade face masks! 

 Then the girls made homemade sugar scrub to use after they soaked their feet in the homemade foot soak I had already made!

 Then they had to paint their toes of course! 

 Oh and we had lots of yummy treats, fruit, veggies, and of course cup cakes! 

Grace had a great time and really enjoyed the party! 
This is one I see us doing again for the other girls! 

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