Kicking off March...

March has been full of activities! 
 Kindergarten had been working on learning a bunch of new dances and I got to go see her do them! 
 She did great! 

(Grace's 4th grade also did it, but I was sadly unable to go see hers this year :( )
 So, one of the guys new shows is the 'United States of Bacon', where they travel around america looking for amazing foods with bacon! One we saw that looked yummy was an egg in a basket grilled cheese with bacon sandwich! So we tried it!!!
 First cooked the eggs in a basket...

 Then we added some shredded cheese and bacon! 
 Cooked like a grilled cheese...
 And enjoyed!!! And yes, they were SO yummy! 
Grace has been doing choir before school and did an end of year concert! 
She did a great job! 

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