Operation Clean Closet!!!

I was inspired by a great friend to do a large cleaning project once a week, thus Operation Clean Closet first!

Before- total mess! Couldn't even walk into it!
As you can see, Operation Clean Closet was a success!

Next week will be... Operation Clean Pantry!

Fun times

We have had some fun together. We went on a hike, then did some fishing, and had a campfire and smores! I love family time and my sweet kids!

Jacob fishing
Bekah fishing-we start them young

Gracie fishing
A little frog we found in the pond we fished in

Bekah walking a log! She is getting sooo big!




Daddy & Gracie

Me and my cute kids!!!

Bekah in her new sand box, she loves the sand!

Gracie with her new Wii guitar

Gracie with her new bike she got for her birthday

The cake I made for Grace, it has the pink ZhuZhu Jilly on it.

My grinder!
And the fun continues! So stay tuned!

Nothing much

Well there hasn't been a whole lot going on! We have been taking our turns being sick again. Grace's party went great. She had a great time! I will post pictures soon. Our talks in church went really great. Bekah is enjoying Sunbeams at church. Cub Scouts is going really good. We have added a few boys so we are up to 7-10, depending on if they all make it. We are getting ready to do a big whole Ward Pinewood Derby, which I am trying to figure out how to organize and run! Luckily I enjoy planning things! Play group has been going good and Bekah loves it. YW camp fundraising is going ok, planning great, actual funding ok. We will make it though. I am doing a fitness lose weight program with some friends, we will start on Feb 1st, it is called Lose 10 in 2 months. It should be great!

Yeah, so, not much to tell, just staying busy with life and being together. It has been raining tons the last few days so we haven't been outside to much. Hope you are all doing good. Blog later...

To do list for Tuesday


Go to Scout store (hour away) get awards and cars- DONE
Take cookies to Graces class -DONE
Go grocery shopping (Make sure coupons are ready)Getting ready to go
Make reminder calls/email about Play group Wed.

Make sure I have everything for Scouts or Wed.


Happy Birthday Gracie!!!

Today is a great day! My Gracie is 7 years old today!!! Happy Birthday!
(See post below for pictures and birthday post!)

To do list

So I got most of my stuff done yesterday, and need to finish the rest today, or Saturday. So here is my list for the weekend. (Friday-Sunday)

-Laundry- I will be doing laundry forever
-Fold & put away...still...
-Clean my room

Bake & decorate Gracie's Cake-DONE
Decorate house for party-DONE
Get hand outs & sign ups ready for Sunday(YW, Cub Scouts, Play group)
Finishing touches on talk for Sunday
Set up desk top computer
Clean house after party

Enjoy a day of rest!

And since everyone will be home Monday due to the holiday, I think I will have a day of play. Maybe bake something!

What a week! Is it Friday yet!?!

Well, this week has been not so great! I am fighting a sinus infection, which means headache central!

Then my poor Jacob! He started with what we thought were a few bug bites, we put stuff to stop the itch, sent him to bed Sunday night. He woke up with a few more and some little bumps on his neck and face. So I put stuff on them and sent him to school, I thought it was a bug getting him. I got all his bedding and started washing it. He came home from school with a rash all over his face! Not good, and came on fast. So when dad got home we went to the ER on base. After seeing 2 nurses, and 5 PA's or Doc's, we new nothing! It was a reaction to something, what we have no idea! It could be a viral rash, or just an allergic reaction, or the rash before and ear infection or flu. So they give him a allergy med and a steroid for the rash, and have us wait an hour to see if it helps... it does a little, so they give us a RX and send us home, 4 long hours later! So we go home and eat and go to bed. The next morning his whole face was covered in the rash. And it itches! (He also has a rash in a private place) I give him his meds and wait to see if it helps, it does so we spend the day doing nothing. As I woke with a headache, again. By bed time he was looking better than when he woke up. So off to bed he goes. Wednesday he woke up with most of it gone! Thankfully! And so I give him his meds and wait to see. The doctors had said he could go to school on Wed. unless it got worse. Since it was almost gone and he wanted to go to school,(He hates school and always tries to stay home!)I took him in and had to talk with the nurse and his teacher, but he was ok to stay, since we had the Doc's ok. Well, it is still not completely gone, but we were told it could take a few weeks. But he is better.

Other than the sickness stuff, I have been feeling very stressed and down. So I am working on relaxing and knowing everything doesn't have to be done right now, like I would like. And I am working on getting back on the upward hill, instead of down in the dumps. I am fighting one of my Goliaths! (We are talking on Sunday at church, thus the Goliath thing)

I have decided to try making a daily to do list on here, then maybe I will do better about getting things done, If I know you all are seeing what I am doing! So it will be on the side each day.

Hope your week is going better than mine!

Happy Birthday my sweet sweet Grace!

My little girl is turning 7!!! It does not seem like 7 years has past! My sweet little girl is growing up so fast! She is a wonderful sister, a fun loving daughter! She is beyond kind and caring both at home and at school! She is soooo smart! She excels at anything she tries! Sh is such a joy to have in our home! We love her sooo much! I can't imagine what I would do without my sweet Gracie!

Happy Birthday Gracie! We love you!

Historical Fun!

On a nice day off e headed not to far away for some family fun! We went to see the historical side of our fine state. We had fun and are planning to go back since we didn't get to see everything before dark!

A beautiful light house we stopped at, we only got to see the outside as they were closed.
We also got to see some of a Naval Museum that was amazing!
Gracie in a Blue Angels cockpit

Jake showing how mean he is, like the old fighter plane

Bekah in an old cockpit

My wonderful family in a helicopter cockpit

Us on the draw bridge to an old Fort used in many battles, it is several hundred years old

Part of the fort.

Jake in a storage room, looks like jail though, and we thought about leaving him there! JK

Everyone minus me in a large storage room

Me and my cute kids outside the fort

Daddy and the kids
We had so much fun exploring the fort, museum and seeing the light house. We are hoping to go back soon so we can see more of them and the other 3 Forts we didn't have time to see!

New Year's Day!

We decided to enjoy some time together out on a hike to celebrate the New Year!

Taking a break on a fallen tree
You comin' mom!

Gracie, looking so happy, not! She didn't want to wait again!

Part of our hike went through part of a swamp where they have planks so you don't get all muddy!

A bridge to cross Gum Creek, the kids decided everyone must throw there gum in this creek!

Bekah on bridge

Gracie being cute!

Me on the bridge

Me with the kids

Me in the trees with the sun coming through
We had a great time! What a great way to welcome the new year!
Hope you all had a great kick off to 2010!

Christmas clothes and New Year's Eve!

Every year the kids get new church clothes. Here is this years!

We went out to dinner then to watch some fireworks for New Year's! We had a great time!



Goofy kids!

Welcome 2010!