What a week! Is it Friday yet!?!

Well, this week has been not so great! I am fighting a sinus infection, which means headache central!

Then my poor Jacob! He started with what we thought were a few bug bites, we put stuff to stop the itch, sent him to bed Sunday night. He woke up with a few more and some little bumps on his neck and face. So I put stuff on them and sent him to school, I thought it was a bug getting him. I got all his bedding and started washing it. He came home from school with a rash all over his face! Not good, and came on fast. So when dad got home we went to the ER on base. After seeing 2 nurses, and 5 PA's or Doc's, we new nothing! It was a reaction to something, what we have no idea! It could be a viral rash, or just an allergic reaction, or the rash before and ear infection or flu. So they give him a allergy med and a steroid for the rash, and have us wait an hour to see if it helps... it does a little, so they give us a RX and send us home, 4 long hours later! So we go home and eat and go to bed. The next morning his whole face was covered in the rash. And it itches! (He also has a rash in a private place) I give him his meds and wait to see if it helps, it does so we spend the day doing nothing. As I woke with a headache, again. By bed time he was looking better than when he woke up. So off to bed he goes. Wednesday he woke up with most of it gone! Thankfully! And so I give him his meds and wait to see. The doctors had said he could go to school on Wed. unless it got worse. Since it was almost gone and he wanted to go to school,(He hates school and always tries to stay home!)I took him in and had to talk with the nurse and his teacher, but he was ok to stay, since we had the Doc's ok. Well, it is still not completely gone, but we were told it could take a few weeks. But he is better.

Other than the sickness stuff, I have been feeling very stressed and down. So I am working on relaxing and knowing everything doesn't have to be done right now, like I would like. And I am working on getting back on the upward hill, instead of down in the dumps. I am fighting one of my Goliaths! (We are talking on Sunday at church, thus the Goliath thing)

I have decided to try making a daily to do list on here, then maybe I will do better about getting things done, If I know you all are seeing what I am doing! So it will be on the side each day.

Hope your week is going better than mine!

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Christine said...

My heart goes out to you, Eleanor! We all have those days, but that doesn't make them any easier! Hope things turn up quick for you :)