Cleaning & Crafts

K- so I always see these cute pictures in magazines or online of houses all decorated cute for the holidays, and I always wish my house had those cute little touches, that when you put them all together, make it so cute and inviting. So after doing some searches on Google for something completely different, well for clock ideas, I guess not that different. Anyway, I have a BUNCH of pictures of way cute things, mainly signs, and wood things, that I can make for ALL the different holidays!!! So if I do these, and add them to what I have and maybe get a few things here and there, I think I can have that WAY cute house!!!

I also discovered that I have made a lot of things that I could put pictures of online for others to get ideas... We shall see if I ever do this, but I am excited about doing a bunch of craft projects, including all the million ones that are in my garage that I said if I didn't do before we moved again I would just get rid of... yeah that is in 6 months, and I am having a baby at the end of that time... So, anyone up for a major craft fest??? I think I will start going through the garage again on Monday, then start crafting by Friday!

Here is to getting organized and getting my craft on!!! Stay tuned for some finished projects...

Lots of updates!

So, I have been so sick I haven't even downloaded my pictures off the camera! So this is a LONG post with lots of pictures! I don't like playing catch up, but here it is! Be sure to go down to the END, info you will want down there!!!

We will start with a few Easter photos...
 The girls coloring eggs
 Bekah trying to get the egg, way- up-high!
 Gracie in the hunt.
 Jake racing for an egg before Grace can see it.
They were very competitive this year, even though they each get to keep the same number of eggs, no matter who finds them!
 Checking out the eggs
 Bekah found money!
 Grace checking her eggs out

This past week was a busy one for us! We spent a lot of time at the kids school for different reasons!
 Here is Bekah waiting for me to help with something for Jake's class
 Jake's 4th grade field day was on Monday, I didn't realize how competative they can be at that age!
This is Jake after his class won the Tug of war competition.
 Jake & Bekah watching the events
 Jake also had a field trip, well, really two last week, but I went on one of them. 
We had to be at the school at 5am! This is us as the bus was getting ready to leave.
 We went to the State Capital, in Tallahassee, a 2 hour drive for us. This is in the top of the Capital building, they had an observatory where you could walk around and see the whole town.
 We went in to see the Legislative, who was in session. It was neat for the kids to see them pass a few bills.
 Gracie had her field day also last week. This is her and her best friend. They won the 3 leg race.
I only got to see a few events, as I had to leave for my doctor's appointment.
 Grace having fun getting WET! They do a leaky bucket race, where they pass a bucket over there heads, the bucket has lots of wholes!

 2 Sundays ago, Dustin competed in the annual EOD memorial race.
They do 3 1/2 miles with a 30lb. ruck sack; then swim 1/2 mile in the bay; then run 6 miles to the finish.
He places 30th out of over 300, 4th for his age group, and 2nd for the Army! 
This is us waiting after the race! Well, Dustin and the girls anyway.

 After the EOD Memorial Ceremony this past Saturday, where they have a big ceremony and announce the names of fallen EOD techs who died serving, who will be added to the memorial wall for each military branch, then award flags to the families who are present of those men, I took a few pictures of Dustin in his uniform. He doesn't put it on much, and I haven't gotten one in a long time!
Isn't he good looking in his Dress uniform!? (He hates it!)

SO... I have a few more things to add, but I can't at the moment. I promise I will soon! 

But for your info...
I went to the Doctor and they did an ultrasound and checked the babies heart rate and size and everything looked good. They are keeping my due date for November 24th, Thanksgiving day! I am hoping I go early like I have the past two times, which will give me a little more recovery time before we move in December! 
Bekah got to go with me, and saw the baby! I don't think she really knew what was going on, but she paid close attention and can show you where the head, hands and feet are on the pictures. We even saw the baby wiggle and wave to us. It was nice to see. Everyone, including the kids, have asked repeatedly when we will know what it is, boy or girl, well not for about 6 more weeks. But if you ask Dustin, he will tell you it is a boy. So there you go. (We will find out for sure at 18-20 weeks!)

I also haven't posted pictures of my New York trip, I will do a slide show when I get them all together, promise!

I am now attaching a link to a video from the beginning of My Best Friends Wedding, Wishing and Hoping,  it is a musical number that we Young Women leaders did, well, lip-sinked to, for a big fundraiser night we had a church. I am hoping to get a copy of us soon. We only did the first minute of so, but it was fun! And funny! 

And that brings us to now! So I hope you have enjoyed our crazy update! Hopefully I will be more on the ball now! We shall see how I feel!

Some thoughts...

I know, there are lots of pictures everyone is waiting to see, and I will post them soon, I promise! But I had to take a minute to share something.

You see, I woke to news that the US had killed Osama! Great news! We were happy about that, still are! But as I went to my facebook page and was reading every ones posts, a few thoughts came to me.
1- It is great to see all the military support in every ones posts! But what about the other 364 days of the year? I know a lot of my friends are military spouses, or just support the military. But why do we never voice it? When we lose fellow soldiers, friends, co-workers or just fellow military personal, where is the support?  I do see it, in the world and on facebook, but never voiced so loudly. I thank those that do support the military and their families, but lets make a little more noise!
2- Some people seem to think that until today, when he  was killed, that our military has been sitting on there thumbs! Do they not see all the good our forces have done in those country's? All the men and women we have lost to fighting in this war? My husband has been deployed twice to fight over there, has lost many friends and co-workers to this war. I guess when you live in this 'military life' you see things more, or they are closer to home. No more 'about time's, they have been fighting for 9 years, and done much during those years.

So I guess now that my rant is done, what I want to say is this: Thanks to all those who support the military everyday, let us voice ourselves a little louder! Let us not forget all our military does for us everyday, all those we loose, and all that we have because of them. Years ago there was 'Red Friday' a day when everyone wore red to support our troops, I will be wearing red every Friday to do this, will you join me? I hope to see and hear the support for our military a little louder!

*My intention in this post is not to offend anyone, we all live in different places and have different lives, I understand and do not judge, just sharing my personal thoughts, my right, thanks to our military.*