Some thoughts...

I know, there are lots of pictures everyone is waiting to see, and I will post them soon, I promise! But I had to take a minute to share something.

You see, I woke to news that the US had killed Osama! Great news! We were happy about that, still are! But as I went to my facebook page and was reading every ones posts, a few thoughts came to me.
1- It is great to see all the military support in every ones posts! But what about the other 364 days of the year? I know a lot of my friends are military spouses, or just support the military. But why do we never voice it? When we lose fellow soldiers, friends, co-workers or just fellow military personal, where is the support?  I do see it, in the world and on facebook, but never voiced so loudly. I thank those that do support the military and their families, but lets make a little more noise!
2- Some people seem to think that until today, when he  was killed, that our military has been sitting on there thumbs! Do they not see all the good our forces have done in those country's? All the men and women we have lost to fighting in this war? My husband has been deployed twice to fight over there, has lost many friends and co-workers to this war. I guess when you live in this 'military life' you see things more, or they are closer to home. No more 'about time's, they have been fighting for 9 years, and done much during those years.

So I guess now that my rant is done, what I want to say is this: Thanks to all those who support the military everyday, let us voice ourselves a little louder! Let us not forget all our military does for us everyday, all those we loose, and all that we have because of them. Years ago there was 'Red Friday' a day when everyone wore red to support our troops, I will be wearing red every Friday to do this, will you join me? I hope to see and hear the support for our military a little louder!

*My intention in this post is not to offend anyone, we all live in different places and have different lives, I understand and do not judge, just sharing my personal thoughts, my right, thanks to our military.*

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