Merry Christmas!!!

We are so blessed this year! It couldn't be any better! 
As we remember Christ this holiday season we are aware of even more blessings in our lives! 
We hope that you all have a wonderful CHRISTmas! And an even better New Year!!!

Happy Birthday Rebekah!!!

Our sweet little Bekah is 5 years old today! 
It doesn't seem like five years ago that we were in the hospital having her. She has been such a joy to our family in so many ways. She fills our home with love, laughter and fun times! 

She is so full of life and energy! 

She is always ready for fun and keeps things interesting! 

She is so sweet and always ready to give loves and help do anything! 

She is a very loving sister. 

She is so full of personality and has a strong spirit that she touches everyone she meets.

We are so thankful we have her in our family! We would be so lost without her in our family! 
Happy birthday to our sweet Bekah boo! We love you!

More pictures of my cute, cute kids!!!

I was in photography mode yesterday! 

 Saw something like this on Pinterest and had to try it! 
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! Some of my favorites ever!!!!
 My sweet Elizabeth Zoe
 My beautiful girls! Bekah, Lizzie Zoe, & Grace
 My CUTE KIDS!!! I love them! 
 They love their daddy!
 My sweet baby girl!
 My kids! I love them!
 My Gracie!
 My Jacob!
My Bekah! 

I LOVE my kids! They are my everything! I am very blessed! 

Formally Introducing Elizabeth Zoe Rolfe

Elizabeth Zoe was born November 17th, 2011 @ 3:35pm
She weighted 7lbs. 2 oz. and was 20.5 inches long.

 Our little Thanksgiving baby!

 She may have her daddy's eyes, as long as they stay blue that is!
She is such a precious little gift! We are very thankful for her!
More coming soon! (I am a little bit of a picture freak!)

Tis the Season...

It is the time of year for Christmas parties! And a visit from Santa of course!
He arrived via motorcycle at Dustin's unit party, which was fun. 
They each had to sit on his lap to get their present!
 Cute Gracie!
 Sweet Bekah!
 Mr. 'I am to old for this' Jacob! (He was a good sport for his sisters!)
 Adorable Elizabeth Zoe!
And this is just a cute picture of two of my sweet girls! Bekah & Lizzie Zoe
You can kinda see Lizzie Zoe's eyes still look like they will be blue like daddy's!

More pictures of the season coming soon!

Thanksgiving Time Fun!

I think Thanksgiving is often over looked. We do the dinner that everyone does, but nothing much more. WE have been doing this for years. It is hard to have lots of Thanksgiving cheer when you live so far from any family that you are always on your own, just your little family. Sure we have invited friends on occasion to join us for dinner, but it isn't the same, or so we think. After this year I think my whole opinion on this often forgotten holiday has forever changed. Why this year? Well for one, this is the first year we lived close enough to have family visit, Second, this is the first year family has visited! Third, we have a new special blessing that has joined our family just in time for Thanksgiving. I know that there will never be another year like this one, but I am determined to not let this holiday go by as a little one again. It will forever be a special, BIG holiday in our home. We have so much to be thankful for that I just can't let it pass by again without making it an extra special Holiday!
Here is some of our Thanksgiving week fun! 
(This year we had some of Dustin's family here making it a whole new experience and one to remember!)
We took the kids to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.
 They had a HUGE herd of giraffe's at the zoo, and you could feed them crackers or lettuce. 
There long black tongues kind of freaked the kids out.
 Can you see all of them! It was crazy!
 See the porcupine up in the tree, Bekah did not like him above her. 
 Mountain loins behind Grandma Marie, Bekah & Dustin
 The girls, Dustin & Grandma by a huge carved bear. 
The zoo was on the side of a mountain. It was pretty cool.
 Here is our sweet Lizzie Zoe one week old! It is looking like her eyes might be Dustin's blue! And her hair is close to Gracie's brown with a little more red in it. She is so pretty!
 Uncle Colby holding Baby Zoe with Bekah sitting close by.
 We thought it would be fun to go to the North Pole, Colorado Style. Well the girls did, the boys went to a gun store and did some other shopping.
 This ride just went in a flat circle forward than backwards, and it kind of smashes the person on the outside and in the middle, apparently Bekah thought this was the funniest thing ever, to smash mom, she laughed hysterically the whole time! It was funny!
 Cute girls riding the reindeer on the carousal.
We had a great time and got in the Christmas spirit in style! The girls got to pick out their ornaments for this year and have them personalized with their names in one of Santa's shops!
Dustin thought it would be fun to take everyone up to the top of Pikes Peak. 
This is a statue of 'Big Foot' out of a carved tree.
 It was -10 degrees at the top, with 70 mile an hour wind, making it about -60 degrees! 
The wind was so strong you could sit into it and it would hold you up! It even blew out a few car windows, luckily not ours!
 After this we went to Garden of the Gods
My guys
We saw a few dear up close, and yes they are wild. Here is one we saw really close up, he was just off the trail. 
Grandma Great and I walking, with Baby Zoe all packed up snug and warm in the stroller! 
 Cute kids!
My adventuresome family!

My kids with their Great Grandma Zoe (minus baby staying warm in the stroller)
 I just love it when my kids all play together and have fun! It warms my heart!

 Grandma Marie holding sweet baby Lizzie Zoe
 Such a cute girl!
Grandma Great Zoe, holding Elizabeth Zoe (This is one of the grandma's she was named after!)
I found this cute turkey idea on Pinterest and decided to give it a try! It was so fun!

And such was our fun Thanksgiving.