Track Meet

Jake decided to try a track meet that the city was doing. He didn't place, but did great! It was a fun day!

Waiting to start!Lining up! Jake is the second one in from the left, in the yellow hoodie, with the orange vest!
Running! Yellow/orange one!
Waiting with his friend Josh!
Lovin' on Daddy!
Running the 220! In the yellow again!
Second in from the left!

It was a cold day! But he did great! We were very proud of him!

Valentine's Day & Date

We started the day with a pink & red breakfast! We had special plates, cups, & napkins!

Pink Pancakes!!!

Grace with her pink noodles from dinner!

Jake eating his pink & red speggeti! He was a little leary!

Bekah dug right in!

Pink & Red dinner!
Dustin & I taken at Jake's birthday party!

Dustin & I went on a date the Saturday night before Valentine's Day.
They had this cool pink mustang in the mall!

Jake's birthday party!

We had Jake's birthday party, and it was a blast! He decided that he wanted a football party, but not just any football party, a Saints party! His favorite team! (It was his favorite all season, not just cause they won the Superbowl!)

He got a new Saints shirt, hat & collectors football!
His shirt!


Getting ready to blow out the candles!

His Saints cake! (I didn't have much time)
But he thought it was cool.
He had a great birthday!

Valentine Gifts

I was looking for a quick little gift I could make to give to some friends. I found this idea online, I think it was from Family Fun. Anywho, it is fabric fortune cookie, that you fill with s few candies. Here is the process!

First you cut out circles, about the size of a CD.(You can use any fabric, but to hold its shape you need something heavy like felt,which I didn't have!) Then you need a ribbon cut a little shorter than your circle diameter, also a piece of floral wire. You then glue,I used hot glue for speed, the wire into the middle of the circle, and put the ribbon over it to cover it. As shown above.
Then you simply fold the circle in half and gently bend the wire into a 'u' shape, so it looks like a fortune cookie.
Then carefully fill with candies
I made a cute little Happy Valentine's Day card and attached with more ribbon!
Fast, simple and cute!

Happy Birthday Jacob!

Wow! Our son is turning 9 years old! Where has time gone!?!? It doesn't seem that long ago that he was just a little guy learning to walk! Now he is playing football and doing track! He has always been such a sweet boy. Smart and kind. He is a joy to have in our family! He is his dad's best bud. And a great big brother to his sisters. We love watching him try and learn new things! I get to enjoy teaching him and his class art each month. We love him so much and are so blessed to have him for a son!

Happy Birthday Jacob! We love you!

To my Valentine!

My sweet, wonderful, handsome, smart, caring, sexy, love of my life, my husband of 12 1/2 years!!! Oh how I love you! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Without out you, your love and support, I would be nothing. You have brought so much happiness into my life, and continue to bring more everyday. You have given me the greatest gifts in my life, the gospel, and our three amazing kids! You have taken me to places I never thought I would get to go, and plan to take me to even more. I can not tell you the amount of my love for you, I simply adore you. You are my best friend. My other half.

Thank you for 12 amazing years! I look forward to even more with you!

Happy Valentines Day! I love you!

Always & Forever
yours, El

Happy Birthday!

You got it! It is Boy/Cub Scouts of America's birthday!!! As Cub master & Den leader (Dustin & I) I thought we would share the cub scout love!!! We have some really great boys and are really enjoying teaching and learning from them! And as we are getting ready for our Pinewood Derby, things have been fun! We have made it a Ward Derby, since we don't have many boys! It will be way fun! I will put pictures soon!!!

10 in 2

So I have joined a group of ladies in doing a weight lose computation program called Loose 10 in 2 Months= 10 in 2. You start by dividing into two teams, each of ours has 8 women! We meet as a team every week on the same day to weight in and take measurements to see how much we have lost, and to add up our weekly points we have earned. During the week you earn points by doing the following: eating 5 or more fruits and veggies, drinking 64 oz. of water, exercising, & praying (all are done each and every day!). Then after 8 weeks, we meet with the other team to share our weight lose and figure who is the winning team!!! It is going to be a great way to get in shape and feel good! I am very excited!!! As many of my facebook friends know, I have challenged other friends to do this and see who looses the most weight between them and me! If any of you want to challenge me, let me know and I will send you all the info! I start on Thursday!