Day 6 of 30

A picture of a person you'd love to trade places with for a day.

Well, for me that is not an easy one. You see, I like being me. There is no one that I envy, that I want to be. Sure there are a few hot actors out their one wouldn't mind trading places with their signifacant other, but would I really, no. Then I would see the real them, and not like them so much.

No, I like my life, my family, my friends.
BUT, since I am trying to do this right, I picked someone, well, more a charactor from one of my favorite movies. It is not just her I like, but the time and place. The whole scene.

Yes, Miss Elizabeth Bennett.

I would love to experince the Jane Austin time frame for a day!

New Pages!?!?

I know, I am posting a lot of new things everyday!
So don't forget to scroll down so you don't miss anything!!!

And on that note...
The kids are really worried about staying in touch with friends when we move. They say I have lots of ways to talk and share things with my friends, and they are right. I have email, facebook, blogging, phones with texting...
Well, I am not getting them phones yet.
They are still a little to young for facebook.
With email they can't share pictures easily.
So that leaves blogs!

One idea was to add pages to our family blog that are all about them. Plus, it is supper easy. Our blog is already set up...
They want to be able to decorate their own way! Not that I can blame them. I love decorating our blog! Adding pictures and buttons and links to my favorite things.
So, I think in the next few days we will set up their own blogs, but they will be locked.
Private. By invitation only.
So as long as their friends or their parents have email, they can view them.

But for now, I have set up pages about each of the kids.
Right now they only have a slide show on each one. I will probably keep these, updating the slide shows and post their milestones on their own pages. I think it sounds fun! Since most of what I post is about me or the family as a whole. AND since Bekah is way to young to have her own blog, she won't be excluded from the fun and sharing. And then when this new little one joins us, it will have one too!

Now, don't forget to scroll down to the bottom, I have been posting several times a day! Sorry 'bout that!

Day 5 of 30

A picture of your favorite memory...

Well, since I am a picture freak that was a little hard to do!
Add to that that only the past few years are on this computer...

As I was looking through old pictures I came to the conclusion that most of my great memories have to do with family time. Not really doing anything expensive, or exciting. So I found this one to sum them all up!

We spend a lot of time hiking, fishing, camping, doing anything outside!
And I have so many memories from this time spent together.
This is a picture in Idaho in 2010, up in the mountains by a creek.


First Announcement!!!

This December we will be moving to Colorado!!!
We are excited to be closer to family,
and a little sad to be leaving so many amazing friends!

Second Announcement!!!

If you haven't already seen the count down on the right...

We are having another baby!!!

Yes, I did BOTH tests!
AND then we waited till the Doctors did a blood test, just to be sure!
And now we are sharing the news! (If we didn't the kids would! lol!!!)
We told the kids and they were more excited about the baby then they where when they found out we were going to Walt Disney World! It was SO funny!
Jake jumped up and down and asked "REALLY?!  REALLY!?"
Grace said she was "going to have her own baby to hold!!!"
Bekah was excited about being a big sister, and then said,
 "So, your going to get a fat belly with a baby in it!?"

It was so funny! We are all excited!
They calculate I am due November 24th, we shall see!

Yes, this is going to be a busy year! Baby, move, all in the last 2 months! CRAZY!!!

Day 4 of 30

 A picture of a habit you wish you didn't have.

How to find a picture of one...

So, since we got out XBox and hooked it up to Internet and got Netflix again...
I get sucked into old shows I loved! I start by watching one show, no worries, but that turns into, 2, or 3, or all day! BAD HABIT!!! I get sucked in and don't want to stop!!! I do this on the computer the most! Hey, the kids get to watch their cartoons on the TV while I watch online, BAD BAD BAD!!!

Slide show working, I hope!!!

Okay, so one of the slide show didn't want to load, and 2 of the others weren't showing! I think I finally got them working, I hope!!!

Let the Challenges Begin!!!

So I am going to start 2 challenges! One I wanted to start on my birthday, I know I am a few days late, but I can catch up. It is the 30 Day Challenge, where you share one picture and some information each day, I will post the list on the side or bottom sometime soon! So today I will dothe first three days!

The other challenge is 40 bags in 40 days! Spring Cleaning!!! I hate to clean, but I hate clutter even more, so the goal is to fill one bag a day with stuff to get rid of, garbage or give away! I will start this challange hopefully tomorrow, as today is BUSY!!! So Who will accepet this challenge with me??? Any takers???

Day 1 of 30
A picture of yourself and 15 facts about you.
1. Name Eleanor Megan Rolfe
2. Not named after anyone
3. Born in Coure 'd Alene, Idaho
4. I have 2 half brothers, and one half sister all of whom I love!
5. I married my high school sweetheart.
6. I have been maried 13 years
7. I have 3 beautiful, amazing kids.
8. I am a photographer
9. I have 3 side businesses
10. I grew up on a farm, and loved it
11. I love the Army life and moving around
12. My favorite color is a bluish-green
13. I love white tigers, always have
14. I am blessed with lots of 'bonus' family
15. I can be a little OCDC at times

Day 2 of 30
A picture of you and someone you have been close to for a while
I can think of no one else I have been truely close to for longer than my wonderful husband.

Day 3 of 30
A picture of the cast from your favorite show.
(Hard to choose which show!)

I have been with it from the beginning!

See you tomorrow!

Spring Break Fun!!!

What more can I say!

Us at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

The girls after they had their faces painted!

On our way into the park

At Homossasa Springs, our first stop on our trip!

The girls with Mickey Mouse!!!

Minnie & Mickey during a show at the Magic Kingdom Castle!

These are just a few of my favorite pictures!
We took over 1000 total. I was able to narrow that down to just over 500 to share!
So there are 5, yes five, slide shows on the right side! The pictures are not in any order, in fact they got mixed up, sorry! That is what happens when you have 2 cameras going!!!

This was a Spring Break we will never forget!
Ending with my 30th birthday! Needless to say, I will never forget this one!!!

Don't forget to see the slide shows!!!

My 30th Birthday Fun!

At the beginning of March I got to go out with some of my best friends for a birthday celebration! (We went then since one of them was moving before my birthday :( ) And we had a BLAST!!! It was so fun! A birthday I won't ever forget! Her are some of the pictures of that fabulous night!
Dinner at the Melting Pot

Laser Tag!
These are my girls!
Dana, Terri, Me, & Bethany

Me looking fab!

Playing on the beach in the rain!

Me on the bull we all rode!!!

On the dance floor! We were the only ones dancing!

We also sang karaoke, but we were all doing that and didn't get any pictures!!!
It was a fun night! Perfect for kicking off my birthday month!

(More pictures in a slide show to the right soon!)

AND then my family trip over Spring Break and my birthday pictures to come, I promise!!!
(We took about 1000 so I have a little editing to do!)

SPRING BREAK fun here we COME!!!

As we are leaving in the dark hours of the morning for our FUN Spring Break trip I thought I would share our journey with you all. Our own pictures will be coming next week! Yes, week, as we will be gone for a whole 7 days of family fun!!!
In no real order, as we are not going to Busch first, here is our list of funness! (Not a real world, it is now!)
(((I added links so you can check everything out! Just click on the logo!)))

We will be spending a fun filled day at Busch enjoying the many rides and animals! I know a day is not enough time, but we have lots of other places to be!!!

Our very first stop will be at Homosassa Springs! It is an amazing place filled with FL native animals. One being the Manatee! Which our kids are very excited to see! (I have been once before with some friends on a ladies trip, it was way fun and I am excited to share this place with my family.)

This is an AMAZING science museum that is one of the largest ever, or so I hear! It will be fun to explore!

We also plan on stopping to see some of the many light houses and National & State parks along our journey. And of course more amazing beaches!

Th kids don't know about this yet, and won't until we wake up early one day to head there!!!

YEAH!!! I know!!! SSHH...

Pictures to come!!! Can't wait!!! See you all when we get back!!!


We, or I, love St. Pat's Day! I always have! There is no real reason for this love, it just is. I have traced my ancestors back to almost every country, EXCEPT Ireland! So why, other than it is the closest holiday to my birthday, I love this GREEN holiday I do not know! But I do!
So I hope you all eat your Lucky Charms, or something GREEN for breakfast.
Have a 'Green' lunch and 'Green' dinner!
And enjoy this fab holiday that is often over looked!

Beach time, at least once! And updates & news!!!

We had a few wonderful warm weeks! During which time we went to the beach!!!

Heading out on the kayak!

My beach baby Bekah enjoying the sand!

Jake out in the kayak by him self.

We can't wait for it to warm up again for some more beach fun!

On another note, this weekend is our Stake YW Pre-camp! (We get to go overnight and camp in tents! During the week long girls camp, it is to hot, so we have to camp in air conditioned cabins.) It will be SO fun! We have 14 girls going this year!!!

We did also find out, unless the Army changes its mind again, which could happen, we will be here for another year! This is both good and bad. Good because we love the schools, and sports programs, it is a fun place to spend time together as a family with the beach and river and all, and we are loving being together as a family without TDY's and Deployments. Bad because a lot of our friends are moving this summer :( and we are feeling the itch to move, Dustin is tired of teaching and wants to get back out in the field again!
But we will enjoy the time together as a family and make the best of everything! AND if you haven't come to visit our wonderful beaches and area, you have one more year!

Another exciting bit of news is that I get to go to New York City next month with a few of my Best friends!!! I am SOOOOO excited! I love visiting the big apple! And am excited to see the things I missed the first time I went! I am only going for 4 nights, three full days, but it will be GREAT!

Stay tuned for pictures of my birthday celebration with my best friends! It was a night out I will NEVER forget! (Yes, it was an early celebration. One of my best friends is moving a few days before my birthday, and I really wanted her to be able to come!)

Cake time!

So I decided I wanted to find a great marble cake recipe to make the cake for our Cub Scout Blue & Gold.
And I found the best one ever!

It turned out so moist and together, not a crumbly kind!
It was huge and this is all that came home! Must have been okay!

I did a double layer, single layers are just so boring!
I was going to put a link to the recipe, but now it won't work! Every time I click on the recipe, it opens a blank page! So I will type it up later, good thing I printed it!

I also made a simple Mother's Ribbon for all our scouts to give there moms to keep their pins on.
It turned out to be a great night.

Look for the recipe soon on the side bar!