My 30th Birthday Fun!

At the beginning of March I got to go out with some of my best friends for a birthday celebration! (We went then since one of them was moving before my birthday :( ) And we had a BLAST!!! It was so fun! A birthday I won't ever forget! Her are some of the pictures of that fabulous night!
Dinner at the Melting Pot

Laser Tag!
These are my girls!
Dana, Terri, Me, & Bethany

Me looking fab!

Playing on the beach in the rain!

Me on the bull we all rode!!!

On the dance floor! We were the only ones dancing!

We also sang karaoke, but we were all doing that and didn't get any pictures!!!
It was a fun night! Perfect for kicking off my birthday month!

(More pictures in a slide show to the right soon!)

AND then my family trip over Spring Break and my birthday pictures to come, I promise!!!
(We took about 1000 so I have a little editing to do!)

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