Beach time, at least once! And updates & news!!!

We had a few wonderful warm weeks! During which time we went to the beach!!!

Heading out on the kayak!

My beach baby Bekah enjoying the sand!

Jake out in the kayak by him self.

We can't wait for it to warm up again for some more beach fun!

On another note, this weekend is our Stake YW Pre-camp! (We get to go overnight and camp in tents! During the week long girls camp, it is to hot, so we have to camp in air conditioned cabins.) It will be SO fun! We have 14 girls going this year!!!

We did also find out, unless the Army changes its mind again, which could happen, we will be here for another year! This is both good and bad. Good because we love the schools, and sports programs, it is a fun place to spend time together as a family with the beach and river and all, and we are loving being together as a family without TDY's and Deployments. Bad because a lot of our friends are moving this summer :( and we are feeling the itch to move, Dustin is tired of teaching and wants to get back out in the field again!
But we will enjoy the time together as a family and make the best of everything! AND if you haven't come to visit our wonderful beaches and area, you have one more year!

Another exciting bit of news is that I get to go to New York City next month with a few of my Best friends!!! I am SOOOOO excited! I love visiting the big apple! And am excited to see the things I missed the first time I went! I am only going for 4 nights, three full days, but it will be GREAT!

Stay tuned for pictures of my birthday celebration with my best friends! It was a night out I will NEVER forget! (Yes, it was an early celebration. One of my best friends is moving a few days before my birthday, and I really wanted her to be able to come!)


Kayla said...

I'm not sure if I'll be able to afford it...but maybe with some luck I'll be able to visit you guys in sunny FL before you're gone.

Larsons said...

your kids are so adorable. Have a blast in NY!!!

Moser Clan said...

Looks like fun :)