New Pages!?!?

I know, I am posting a lot of new things everyday!
So don't forget to scroll down so you don't miss anything!!!

And on that note...
The kids are really worried about staying in touch with friends when we move. They say I have lots of ways to talk and share things with my friends, and they are right. I have email, facebook, blogging, phones with texting...
Well, I am not getting them phones yet.
They are still a little to young for facebook.
With email they can't share pictures easily.
So that leaves blogs!

One idea was to add pages to our family blog that are all about them. Plus, it is supper easy. Our blog is already set up...
They want to be able to decorate their own way! Not that I can blame them. I love decorating our blog! Adding pictures and buttons and links to my favorite things.
So, I think in the next few days we will set up their own blogs, but they will be locked.
Private. By invitation only.
So as long as their friends or their parents have email, they can view them.

But for now, I have set up pages about each of the kids.
Right now they only have a slide show on each one. I will probably keep these, updating the slide shows and post their milestones on their own pages. I think it sounds fun! Since most of what I post is about me or the family as a whole. AND since Bekah is way to young to have her own blog, she won't be excluded from the fun and sharing. And then when this new little one joins us, it will have one too!

Now, don't forget to scroll down to the bottom, I have been posting several times a day! Sorry 'bout that!

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