Back to school- a little late.

So, we made it home after a long fun trip. We had a few days to get ready for school to start. 

Jacob started 6th grade- in the Jr. High!!! (Makes me feel REALLY old!)
Grace started 4th grade and
Bekah started Kindergarten!!! (A little sad!)
And little Lizzie is 9 months old!!! Goes to fast!

 Grace- seems to be hiding her leg, but looking cute in her own style! 
 My big Kindergartener! 
My sweet girls! Love them! 

Bekah has two really good friends from church that also started Kindergarten with her. 

 They were so cute and sweet holding hands! I love this picture! 
My baby girl going into class. 

We just finished the first week of school. It has been an adjustment for everyone. 

Bekah is having a hard time being gone all day, but is starting to adjust and like school. 
Grace, as always is loving school. 
Jake has had a little bit of a harder adjustment, but is starting to get the hang of it. He has started Cross Country Running club and is enjoying it. He is like his dad and loves to run! 
Lizzie is missing her big sisters and brother, but is taking good naps and doing good. She is standing up by her self for 10-15 seconds, and pulling herself up on everything. She is growing so fast it is a little sad, but still so fun! 

I am staying busy driving everyone everywhere! And with the house and taking care of my 4 wonderful kids! I have had a few hard days now and then, but am doing okay. I have been feeling like my life is on pause, yet everything is moving forward all around me. I think it may be a deployment thing. Anyway, I am ready for my wonderful husband to be home and to un-pause life.   But for now we are surviving and trying to enjoy everything that we can!