Idaho Trip July 2010

Here is a small collection of pictures from our most recent trip to Idaho!

Us by a bear warning sign on our way up hiking, the Snake River where we like to go fishing AKA 'the river', Dustin helping Grace start fishing!
A lake we hiked up to, it was a fun 4 mile round trip hike, Us by a creek that runs into the river, my girls and I soaking our feet in the lake we hiked to!
At the end of our hike to the top of a mountain by the river; A beautiful view of the Snake River in Yellowstone Park; Old Faithful shooting off
Jake & Grace next to a melting pot in Yellowstone; The whole fam damily in Yellowstone
Some deer on the side of the road in Yellowstone, like only 5 feet away from me when I opened the door!

As you can see we had a great time! We went fishing, hiking a few times, went to Yellowstone Park & West Yellowstone to the PlayMill, hung out with family a lot, saw a few friends (not all that we wanted to though!), we had a camp fire with smores! It was a fun trip! For more pictures see the slide show to the right! As I always say, pictures say more than words every time!
OH! And right before we left, Dustin's Dad got called as Bishop!!! He will make an amazing Bishop!

Baby Shower Fun!

Here are some pictures from the Baby shower I gt to throw for my sister in law! It was so fun!

These are the little thank you 'booties' we made and filled with goodies!
Here is the diaper tricycle!


Here is the cake!!! It was soooo fun!

Here is the diaper wreath I made!

I had so much fun making all these fun things!

Idaho Fun!

We are really enjoying our vacation here in Idaho! I have taken loads of pictures which I will put up when I get home and can connect my computer to the Internet! We have gotten to go on a few hikes, go fishing, hang out, see a few friends, have a baby shower for my sister in law, go to Yellowstone, take some pictures of my other little sister and her family, go swimming at the lake, and much more! It has been a busy and fun trip! We will be leaving and heading home on Tuesday! So be looking for pictures, as you know, to me, pictures say much more than words ever can!

A day on the River!

It is always great to get away and take the kayaks down the river!

Bekah getting warm! Going down the river!

Me navigating around a large tree stump in the middle of the river! Dustin & Bekah swimming!

It is always fun to take a break  and swim in the river. It is a nice fresh water river with a sandy bottom, perfect for swimming!

Girls Camp!

I can't even really begin to share the amazing spirit that I had a girls camp with the YW in our stake. It was one of the most amazing weeks of my life! We got there and found out that we were going to read the WHOLE BOM in the 3 & 1/2 days at camp. It was so awesome watching the girls feast upon the words of the Lord. I got to be in one of the groups and we nearly finished as a group, then had to finish the last morning on our own. It was so great! To really spend a large amount of the week just reading for hours on end, really brought the the scriptures to life in a new and amazing way! I would love to share more with anyone who would like to hear! And I will post a few pictures soon!