Idaho Trip July 2010

Here is a small collection of pictures from our most recent trip to Idaho!

Us by a bear warning sign on our way up hiking, the Snake River where we like to go fishing AKA 'the river', Dustin helping Grace start fishing!
A lake we hiked up to, it was a fun 4 mile round trip hike, Us by a creek that runs into the river, my girls and I soaking our feet in the lake we hiked to!
At the end of our hike to the top of a mountain by the river; A beautiful view of the Snake River in Yellowstone Park; Old Faithful shooting off
Jake & Grace next to a melting pot in Yellowstone; The whole fam damily in Yellowstone
Some deer on the side of the road in Yellowstone, like only 5 feet away from me when I opened the door!

As you can see we had a great time! We went fishing, hiking a few times, went to Yellowstone Park & West Yellowstone to the PlayMill, hung out with family a lot, saw a few friends (not all that we wanted to though!), we had a camp fire with smores! It was a fun trip! For more pictures see the slide show to the right! As I always say, pictures say more than words every time!
OH! And right before we left, Dustin's Dad got called as Bishop!!! He will make an amazing Bishop!

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Danielle said...

So glad you guys had a fun vacation. I love the pictures. Yellowstone is so much fun!