Idaho Fun!

We are really enjoying our vacation here in Idaho! I have taken loads of pictures which I will put up when I get home and can connect my computer to the Internet! We have gotten to go on a few hikes, go fishing, hang out, see a few friends, have a baby shower for my sister in law, go to Yellowstone, take some pictures of my other little sister and her family, go swimming at the lake, and much more! It has been a busy and fun trip! We will be leaving and heading home on Tuesday! So be looking for pictures, as you know, to me, pictures say much more than words ever can!

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Lisa Ball said...

Just looked through your Idaho picts, look like you guys had fun! We go to Yellowstone every year and spend about 10 days fishing there. The next time you go or you ever need to know anything about Yellowstone, or what to go see, ask us, we have seen it all!